Call of Duty: Ghosts Recruits Snoop Dogg for Voice Pack DLC

Call of Duty: Ghosts Recruits Snoop Dogg for Voice Pack DLC

Call of Duty is long past taking itself seriously, and once you hear Snoop's performance, you probably won't mind.

A few years ago, the Call of Duty franchise was a vaguely realistic military shooter. I haven't played the last few games but apparently, somewhere in the series' recent history, that changed. Gone are the days where gruff commanders barked orders at you with gravelly voices; starting next week, you can replace the multiplayer announcer with the silky smooth voice of Snoop Dogg.

"Rack up points by reaching the enemy portal," Snoop declares as a new round begins. "You dig?" The $3 DLC voice pack fills your multiplayer experience with Snoop and his trademark "Snoopisms." Infinity Ward wrote most of the lines for the rapper, but he did change up some of the phrases to match his own inimitable style. Look forward to gems like "Homies out the joint. It's party time," and "Ballistic vest ready. Those are some fine-ass threads."

If you don't feel comfortable taking such a laid-back style to the battlefield, you can swing to the complete opposite end of the scale with a "Drill Instructor" voice pack launching the same day. That pack is voiced by R. Lee Ermey, best known as the infamous drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket. Both voice packs will be available on April 22.

The last time I played a Call of Duty game, I was fighting Russian invaders. Now you can play as the Predator and fight giant alien krakens while Snoop Dogg narrates. I really, really don't mind this change of direction.

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Did they go back in time to make this deal, or is he still going by Snoop Dogg? Either way if I cared about post-MW2 multi-player, I'd rather have Gunnery Sergant Hartman yeeling at me than a rapper.

Snoop Dogg voice pack:


R. Lee Ermey voice pack:


Not that I'd ever buy CoD: Ghosts, but if it came to a game I actually liked, I'd buy the shit out of that DLC.

You accidentally hit a teammate: "WHAT IS YOUR MAJOR MALFUNCTION, NUMBNUTS?!"

Oh my God, is this shit for real? This reeks of desperation. In fact, let me put a fitting music here
*puts the tape into the boombox*
"Desperate people in their homes
Artificial and alone
Queen of Pity on her throne
First in line to cast a stone"

This reeks of desperation.

Only this?
The game had a skin for a KILL-STREAK, for cying out loud! Then we had player-skins (not a bad idea), all straight ripped from the Singleplayer of this or previous games (VERY bad idea). And the Mappacks also have that problem. First DLC allowed you to get a killstreak turning you into Micheal Myers, second has the same with the Predator.

Sounds like they desperately try to sell them. "Look, cool stuff. BUY IT! WE NEED MONEY!"
Even their Extinction maps seem not to work as selling-point for the mappacks (which ironically worked for the Zombie maps so well, they didn't even had to bother with doing much about advertising the Multiplayer Maps there)

Taking time out from making Money Supermarket ads then.....

First Iggy Pop, then Snoop... what next "Rocketman" to advertise the NASA Mars programme?

"Fizzle Kizzle Strizzle, yo. You gets a Gizzle Dizzle, mah nizzle."

Also "It's like, so real."

Yeah, Snoop, so real. Totally.

Fuck Snoop Dogg, I'm getting R Lee Erney's pack. I can't wait for that fucker to shout at me for being utter shit online.

What a waste of talent...

I refer to the devs that worked on this that may have some soul left..

Do I want the voice packs? Yes
Am I willing to pay money for them? Not a chance

Also why are MICRO-transtitions so damn expensive.

Ok, so full disclosure : I hate microtransactions. I hate modern military shooters. I've got an appreciation for rap, but I'm not a super fan. But this?


This I like.

I honestly and truly wouldn't mind it if more games and other genres extended the option for voiceovers to include different celebrities and / or styles of delivery. I'm sick to berrrrloody death of the EA (or similar) mandated bland D.J. announcer for race games, or the deep voiced gravitas, or robot chica. Give me the option to change the default sh!t up and I'll file it as a customization option and likely embrace it.

Taking time out from making Money Supermarket ads then.....

Damn, someone got there first! Well played.

OT: Couldn't give a crap about the Snoop voice-pack, but I know I'm gonna end up caving and getting the Ermey pack despite my distaste for micro-DLC. It'll be too funny to pass up.

I hate COD I think it stopped being good ages ago....but hell that voice pack is Awesome! If COD was a good game I would buy it in a second.

If only Ermey's voice could be used in Killzone...

I don't care what any of you guys say, I don't even like Call of Duty but this is amazing.

As long as Snoop Dogg is voicing an actual in-game dog, I have not problems with this.
If he is not, then I say they missed a opportunity to make MILLIONS!

Haha I don't even have the game but I really want this, it sounds really funny.


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