Mass Effect Meets Homeworld 2 in Modded Mash-Up

Mass Effect Meets Homeworld 2 in Modded Mash-Up

Phoenix Interactive's Mass Effect Reborn mod lets Homeworld 2 players assume control of the space battle against the Reapers.

Whatever you might think about the ending to Mass Effect 3, you have to admit the game as a whole still did a whole lot pretty danged perfectly. Case in point, the cinematic confrontation between Shepard's fleet and the Reapers at the game's is easily one of the most epic danged things ever put in a video game. The impossible odds, the swelling music, the sight of ship after jumping through the mass relay; the only disappointing thing about it is that the whole sequence (from Hackett's speech to your descent to Earth) only lasts about six minutes.

That being the case, if you're among the many Mass Effect fans likely hungry for more, you may want to check out Mass Effect Reborn. A Homeworld 2 mod created by the modding team Phoenix Interactive, Reborn puts players in direct control of the allied fleets that assemble at the game's end and lets them try their luck against the might of the Reapers. Reborn's first version released earlier this month and can be found for free at the project's ModDB page.

It's worth noting that this initial edition is far from finished, however. Phoenix itself has branded version 1.0 of Reborn as "pre-beta" and affirmed in a posting on its page that there is a lot of work to come before it's finished. "We released Mass Effect Reborn," said Pheonix member Erayser. "However it doesn't mean we don't work anymore of it in the upcoming weeks. We plan to release an update as soon as possible with speeches, dialogues, a brand new AI and so on." Whatever improvements Phoenix makes, there are probably already a ton of Mass Effect fans itching to play this.

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Hmm. A lot of Illusive Man's dialogue mirrors what Bioware said about having a stand up battle with the Reapers, that it was impossible. Bioware have been indoctrinated.

The video looked pretty cool, if dark. Some parts, it was hard to make out what was happening. I still like the idea of this though.

I'm still surprised at how well Homeworld 2 stands up today in the visuals department. Relic is damn good at making pretty games. But still, that Mass Effect 3 Space Battle was full of fail for not having Sir Isaac Newton the Deadliest Sonofabitch in Space.

Finally we get the chance to just duke it out with all that crap we collected!

I'm kinda feeling that Sins of a Solar Empire would have made a better platform for this. Love homeworld and all but I'm worried this wont live up to how massive that final battle was supposed to be.


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