Suikoden II ESRB Rating Could Point to PSN Re-Release

Suikoden II ESRB Rating Could Point to PSN Re-Release

Suikoden  II ESRB

Suikoden II has recently received a new rating by the ESRB for a new PS3 release.

Today could be a good day for JRPG fans. While it has yet to be confirmed by Sony or Konami, a recently added ESRB rating would seem to indicate that the genre classic Suikoden II may be set to release on the PlayStation Network as a PS1 Classic.

If this winds up being the case, it could arguably be one of the most significant Classic releases in some time. Suikoden II has long been regarded by a cult of loving fans as one of the best JRPGs ever made thanks to its deep story, gigantic cast (more than 100 recruitable characters) and unique integration of large scale tactical battles in addition to the more standard turn-based combat.

Its critical and fan acclaim aside, its also one of the most difficult PS1 games to actually find. While the people who played it loved it, the game itself sold poorly in North America and was, in turn, the recipient of a very limited print run that's transformed it into a rare and expensive title in the years since. A hard copy of the game today, for instance, can cost hundreds of dollars. In other word, a North American PSN re-launch could be the first opportunity that many gamers have ever had to (legitimately) play it.

We've reached out to Sony for more information and will let you know when we learn more.


Absolutely loved this game. Friend of mine had an original copy. It was awesome. He moved away, though, so I had to acquire it via other... methods.

Which back then took quite a while on a 24kbps connection.

I do hope they release it. I've got an hard copy and it's easily my favorite game of all time. It'd be great if more people could share into the greatness.

Yeah I own a copy of this but its good that more will be able to play it without paying through the ear for it.

I just want the first one to come out on the EU PSN T.T The physical copy is expensive.

Go Us!

Though, even if this does pan out, there is still much to be done. The EU in particular needs both games released for PSN, this includes Australia and New Zealand, as well. Plus, Konami needs to be far more forthcoming about the future of the series. Though, this is the best news we have had in quite a while.

Hnnnnnngh.... Too...Many...Memes...Must...Resist...

But in all seriousness since I don't care to get modded by inserting a few posts worth of nothing but memes, *ahem* FUCK YEAH I've been waiting so long for this. I can never find a copy for less than $150 and at that rate I wouldn't even open the damn thing to play it.

I own all the main Suikoden games. I remember when my brother bought me Suikoden for my birthday. We had no idea what the game was, but we gave it a shot and we both loved it. Then it ended and we thought that was it. Imagine our joy when we walked into EB games one day and saw a brand new copy of Suikoden II for thirty-four bucks. We begged our mom and she said yes. We went home and kept hitting the roof every time a character from the first game reappeared. Flick, and Victor, and Clive, and Kasami (I love Kasami). But the best part of Suikoden II? If you have a save file from Suikoden on your memory card, you can unlock a special character that caused both me and my brother to jump up and down in uncontrolled excitement. And for me personally, seeing the plot line from Suikoden with Kasami wrapped up was even better.

This game is a true sequel. It is a master piece, and shows how a sequel should be made and handled. Fans of Suikoden need to play this. Fans of JRPGs need to play this. I would go so far as to suggest that any RPG fan needs to play this game, as well as the first one. If it is coming to PSN, then everyone needs to pick it up who even has a mild interest.

I still have my original hard copy with the instruction book, and every now and then I like to see what the going price is on ebay and whatnot.

Next to Wild Arms, Suikoden is probably one of my favorite RPG series. I'm happy to see a possible release of the game. I do own hard copies of said game, but it's a bootleg version that only played on a now broken PSX(one) Of the many games that could use a revamp or reboot, I'd give Suikoden a try.

Is this going to devalue my physical copy of the game? :<

Just kidding! I hope more people get to play it. It's a fantastic game, albeit one that could probably have been translated better. Also, no one tell all the newbies about the Matilda gate!

I dream of the day Australia will have access to legitimate copies of Suikoden (both I and II... and III actually). I *want* to give them my money damnit!


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