Epic Adds Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Support to Unreal Engine 4.1

Epic Adds Xbox One, PlayStation 4 Support to Unreal Engine 4.1

Unreal Engine 4 Demo Screenshot 310x

Update to Unreal Engine 4.1 includes Kinect, Project Morpheus support.

Unreal Engine 4.1 is live, and Epic's update to its latest game engine has support for all the latest console hardware.

The 4.1 update offers "full support" for the Xbox One and PS4, and both Sony and Microsoft are validating the engine. UE4-based titles can be submitted for either console before this validation process is completed. The engine source is available "to subscribers who are registered developers with Microsoft or Sony," and devs making games for the XB1 or PS4 will need to "[complie] source from GitHub using a Windows computer."

Along with supporting the latest consoles, Epic is also hard at work on Linux support, too. Developers can deploy games on SteamOS and Linux right now, but a full version of the UE4 editor for Linux is still under construction.

For a full list of additions and fixes, check out the release note blog post here.

As talked about during GDC 2014, all of the above is included in Epic's new Unreal Engine subscription service. $19 per month (plus five percent of your games' gross) nets you complete access to Unreal Engine 4.1, source code and all.


The earlier press for Unreal 4 talked about how Epic was designing it to make games easier to develop, and thus less expensive.

Here's hoping. Prohibitively high development costs have been killing diversity for too long; I welcome even the possibility of improvement in that regard.

With the Unreal Engine and CryEngine's new policies on better accesibility for most people, I'm hoping this will be something better for the industry, I just can't buy more easily the excuse of "we need to target the lowest common denominator to succeed, so this game's development cycle will be obscenely expensive".

This is great news. If this takes off, there will hopefully be fewer side-scrolling pixel-art platformers and then we can actually evaluate how unique indies can be.


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