BOOYAH! Ray Fisher is Cyborg in Batman Vs. Superman

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Starfire bein out is a little odder though, since its not exactly hard to explain another alien.

That wouldn't really fit with the story of Man of Steel, (this is technically a sequel to it) where Superman was alien Jesus. A conflict with Batman in the sequel fits, (humanity vs this new advanced alien) and Wonder Woman could be fitted in there in a small role. Cyborg fits very well, being a human, but enhanced, raising the question of 'what is human?'.
But having another alien, clearly non-human at that, would take away from Superman being special.
It would work in the third movie, where we have humanity already accepting Supes.

But the way this is going, I'm expecting them to rename this into something else, and downplay Superman's role, so who knows.

This movie is more and more sounding like a piled on mess...especially since I recall them saying they DON'T plan to try a big movie franchise like the Marvel films have's just 'throw everything into a pot'.

Pretty much this.

This movie confuses the shit out of me. It's like they're desperately trying (and badly at that) to copy the Avengers without the slightest idea of how or why the Avengers actually worked.

On the incredibly miniscule chance anyone at DC or Warner Bros reads this, I'll give them a hint: There's a reason the only meaningful character introduced in The Avengers had "Is a Secret Agent that uses a bow" as a backstory. It wasn't just for shits and giggles.


Sniper Team 4:

DC, what happened to Starfire and Raven? They were by far my two favorite Teen Titans and they both seem to be fan favorites as well, and yet these two are rarely touched. Why is Cyborg the break-out star from Teen Titans?

My thoughts exactly. Hell, I'd argue that Raven alone has enough characterization to fill an entire movie (remember "The End" arc?), much as I love Cyborg, and much as I'm glad that Ray Fisher got the part, I do question the point of bringing the Titans into all this when we already have 3(?) other super heroes running around, let alone just one.

As of the New 52 Cyborg isn't a Titan anymore he went accident-Cyborg-justice league. Go see the 'Justice League - War' animated movie.

Yup, there still aren't any plans for a Justice League movie at all.


Kumagawa Misogi:
Hey Bob it's time for a Big Picture on Cyborg and why DC is pushing him so hard to become one of their biggest heroes.

Probably because they want a black guy for their ensemble and I guess the Hal Jordan green lantern is the quintessential one.

Also this movie is probably going to be fucking bad. Either these characters are going to be underdeveloped or they're going to eat up a good chunk of the movie with their introductions.

Avengers worked because the only characters that needed to be introduced were black widow and hawkeye but both those characters are normal human beings. They didn't need to spend much time explaining why bruce banner turns into a giant green monster or why tony stark has a robot suit. Fuck, Thor could show up and just start slinging lightning and magic hammers around because he had a whole movie establishing the crazy fantasy world he comes from.

I guess they could just assume everyone knows who wonder woman is, or cyborg, or batman (unless he's supposed to be the same batman as the nolan batman) but then they'd be leaving huge chunks of the story completely untold and if all of the sudden a super strong woman with a magic glowing lasso flies in with her invisible jet and there's no explanation for it, it's going to be really weird out of context.

I dunno, level of faith in this movie is really low.

That was one of the things i liked about the Tim Burton Batman.
They didn't use half the movie for the origin story.
He already was the caped crusader at the start of the movie.
But some snappy flashback did cover all of his past in under 15 minutes.

Did Man of Steel do something that different than all the other version in it's origin?
They needed to develop General ZOD's character a bit, but the rest was just a rehash of something told a dozen times before.

So i don't think wide established heroes and villains need an on screen origin story per say.
But is don't think Cyborg is a wide established hero, so i think he could need one.(same goes for wonder woman)
Only i fear that it will make the movie lose some focus in the story.

Hmm, where marvel did a bottom up approach to their films, DC seems to go for a top down approach. It can work.
Have bats and supes duke it out for a while and have Wonder Woman beat some sense into them, telling supes that if he's going to live on this world he can't go around smashing satelites out of the sky and telling bats that he's kind of insane and needs partners to keep him on the good side, forming the foundation of the Justice league. Have it end with clark becoming a reporter and bruce taking robin as apprentice.

However, It is starting to look very executive driven.
"We need to beat marvel at movies, so go and make a superman movie."
"We did that, everybody hated it."
"Well, put batman in there. Have him played by ben affleck, kids love him."
"Okay.. that can work.. give it a dark knight returns vibe."
"I don't understand what you're saying, but we need to add a woman too, to make sure people don't think we're gay."
"Uhm.. would that.."
"And throw in a black guy too, nobody is calling our movie racist!"
"I have my doubts about.."
"Look at the time! Its coke o'clock, later nerds!"

I will admit to being a big DC fan but despite that I am interested in seeing this movie just because it could be a train wreck sure but at the same time it could be something amazing. The one problem I have with Marvel is they have used cross continuity as nothing but a promotional tool. A joke after movies, even Avengers felt like they took the most basic version of the characters and threw them on the screen (just to be clear, they are good movies, they just play it safe a lot, Avengers 2 looks better though).

The one thing I like about DC movies are they are over the top affairs.
So hopefully this movie will show what it is like to have a bunch of super heroes with different origins suddenly clash with each other. I want to see how Wonder Woman deals with someone like Batman and how Superman deals with all these new strange people.

Though I bet most of them will be cameos or just appear after the credits or something. I like Cyborg being there as it means maybe one day the other DC characters (that are not Batman and Superman) will get film appearances. Blue Beetle, Aquaman or Green Arrow would be great characters to appear in film.

I'm not really into this... mash up of whatever the writers can shoe horn in. With every new character, these idiots are forgetting that Comic book movies are not always comic book fans. And that in turn creates a big problem that you're going to make NO ONE happy with.

Comic book fans want to see their favorite heroes get accurate, well thought out back stories that does these characters justice.

Non comic book fans will not know why they should care about these characters, so there will have to be a lot of back story to justify any involvement with the audience.

so with each non-treated character (Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Lex Luthor, Probably the Flash and the Green Lantern... Batman of sorts, since it won't be the Dark Knight Batman), you'll have to devote time to somewhat fleshing these characters out. Or it's just a waste of time that will serve to disconnect a majority of the audience (Fans: Why the fuck did they put this character here if he or she was just going to be set dressing? That could have been more screen time on the real story/Non fans: ... who the hell is this guy?!)

Cause goddamn it WB, a Teen Titans movie would generate much more hype than all this messy madness you've created.

I'm almost with you.

A movie based on the Young Justice Cartoon would have all of my money

This has got me really excited. I can't wait to see the spectacular train-wreck this movie is going to be. I wonder who else they're going to stuff into it.

So basically, every character is going to have 5, maybe six seconds of screen-time maximum.

Does Cyborg belong in a movie called Man of Steel?

......Actually he does, never mind.

Yes, because the only thing missing from this movie is MORE UNRELATED SUPERHEROES.

Its a mess. They now need to add in the movie info on Wonder Woman and Cyborg and Lex. Who are they, how did they become who they are now. Thing about Avengers is, they took their time so when it came to the Avengers movie, they didnt have to waste valuable minutes or saying who those heroes are and how they became who they are now. I think SvB will fail because it has no idea what it wants to be. Is it a Superman movie? A Batman movie? A JL prequel? Whats the tone? Dark? Light? Looking at Cyborg, he is more comedy based on cartoons. So is this movie going to have comedy? But both supes and bats are darker and serious. Even the BvS comic its based on was dark. An didnt they want Flash in it as well. Its all very confusing. If they pull it off i will be surprised, i would love it to be a great movie, but i cant see it right this moment.

Also you got the new Batman/Superman suits. Not sure if they have shown these yet, but if they look awful, that will be a major issue.

Well... I have zero faith in it now. It's clearly Justice League, and they're jumping into it with no proper plan yet again. With it opposite Cap I know exactly what I'm going to be taking my family to. They're simply trying to pile on everything they can to force Marvel to retreat. All this is from one kids letter to DC sparking a public mocking of them and their "plans". WB's hubris is going to destroy what ever chance they think they have. They've burned their boats by Placing another big movie in the obvious retreat route for them, and they think they can ROFL stomp anything Marvel can put out. They've never tried putting one of their bad Green Lantern failures up against actual competition. GL only made some money because there wasn't a decent Action Hero movie opposite it. This one actually will.

Maybe they need an epic failure to learn their madness is madness.
Maybe this is the only way to get a good Superman Movie, eventually.

The only thing that will make this even weirder is if Cap 3 is The Death of Captain America.

And for crying out loud fix the title WB.
Batman vs Superman abbreviates to BS

So let's do a quick run down. Right now in this melting pot of a movie, we have the following -

- Superman
- Batman
- Wonder Woman
- The Flash
- Doomsday
- And now Cyborg

Is there anyone else you'd like to add while we're at it? I'm sure Metallo's looking to get started with things. Or Cheetah. Or Captain Cold. Or...

Lets just throw in Darkseid, Doctor Fate, the Joker, Mr. Freeze, Etrigan, Sinestro, Brainiac, Zatanna, Ra's Al Ghul, and Deathstroke.

I know Cyborg is cool (because he is, no arguments!) and he's been a memeber ofthe Justice League but I've always considered him Teen Titan (cause that's where he first appeared),not a Justice League member.. if he's going be in a film he should be in a live action Teen Titans film

I know Cyborg is cool (because he is, no arguments!) and he's been a memeber ofthe Justice League but I've always considered him Teen Titan (cause that's where he first appeared),not a Justice League member.. if he's going be in a film he should be in a live action Teen Titans film

Yea, but DC doesn't understand good ideas.

I know it's a thing with Milestone comics and all, but I always wanted one of the first black superheroes (one of the first, I think Blade holds the title for movies) to be Static from Static Shock.

Seems like they are opting for a different "man of steel" in MoS 2.... eh?... *nugde, nudge*

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