Solo, Skywalker Seen In London. Filming? Maybe

Solo, Skywalker Seen In London. Filming? Maybe

Leia's dog is also there, perhaps in a cameo role.

Okay, so we still don't know who's in Star Wars Episode VII - Mickey Mouse? Moe, Larry and Curly? - but the most likely candidates, and the most heavily tipped so far, are the originals. Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford have both been spotted in London, perhaps on their way to some kind of filming thing, while Carrie Fisher's dog has been seen as well, but without Fisher herself. Or so Princess Leia claims, anyway.

Peter Serafinowicz, the actor who voiced Darth Maul, gave the game away with a carefully timed Tweet. "Met up with HamillHimself today. Wonder why he's here?" An Air Ambulance pilot followed this up with another strategic picture, this time of Ford. According to Fisher's Twitter, her dog has been seen in the Smoke without her. "Who has he been seeing?" she asks. "Let me know if you have any clues." At least he has excellent accommodation. Only the best for Gary!

If rumor is to be believed, the official cast list announcement is due in early May. The film itself is due December 2015.

Source: MTv


I hope Serafinowicz is in the new Star Wars films, not because of Darth Maul, but because of this:

Huh, Hammil looks quite well preserved in that picture. I know Ford can get his shit together when needed, but I wasn't sure about Skywalker. That being said, none of the photos I've seen of Fisher bode well...

They aren't there for filming yet, today they are doing the first official reading of the script with the whole cast.

Why do they leave these rumours even though they are known to be true. Just seems stupid, like when DC said they were doing a JL movie, like this was a big surprise to people.


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