Super Mario Brothers, Roger Rabbit Actor Bob Hoskins Dies at 71

Super Mario Brothers, Roger Rabbit Actor Bob Hoskins Dies at 71

The veteran actor passed aged 71, suffering from pneumonia.

Veteran actor Bob Hoskins - Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Long Good Friday, Brazil, and of course Super Mario Brothers, among many others - is dead. He died aged 71, suffering from pneumonia. His family were with him when he passed.

Hoskins, the son of a teacher and a bookkeeper, stumbled into acting by accident when, accompanying a friend to some auditions at the Unity theatre, a script was shoved into his hands and he was told he was up next. He got that part, and soon went on to television roles, most notably Dennis Potter's Pennies from Heaven, the show that made him a star.

He went on to many film roles, including Roger Rabbit and Super Mario Brothers, the video game adaptation that Hoskins loathed. "The worst thing I ever did?" he once told an interviewer. "Super Mario Brothers. It was a fuckin' nightmare. The whole experience was a nightmare."

Acting, he said, saved his life and gave him everything he ever wanted. A diagnosis of Parkinson's disease in 2011 forced his retirement, else - knowing him - he'd have been performing on his own death bed.

"There's two things I love about this business," he said. "One's acting and the other one's getting paid for it. The rest of it is a mystery to me. But I ain't got the faintest idea what the fuck is goin' on, you know."

Goodbye, Bob.

Source: Guardian


Goodbye Bob, you were one of the best. I and countless others will miss you.

Damn, son.

Really liked his movies, a shame that he died, may he rest in peace.

*raises a glass of scotch*

I'll always remember your performance in Roger Rabbit and other films, Bob. Here's to you.


My favourite of his roles remains Spoor from Brazil. He could be so delightfully menacing when he wanted to be.

Great actor, probably one of the most underrated of his age. Terrible he never really got the recognition he deserved IMHO. Here's to you Mr. Hoskins, sure Mario was a crap movie but that wasn't your fault. You'll always be hands down the best Mr. Smee ever, and the guy who made me believe in Toontown for a few moments. Thanks Bob, and RIP.

well that sucks. Absolutely loved him in Roger Rabbit. Rest in Peace, Eddie

Damn I really liked him, every movie I saw him in was better just because he was in it. You won't be forgotten anytime soon Detective

that's sad to find out. He was always so good in so many things regardless of the quality of the overall piece.

Aw man I just saw him in Hollywoodland last month. He was awesome in everything he did.

Peace Bob. Hopefully your on the giant casting couch in the sky laughing at all the failed videogame-to-movie adaption scripts that didn't make it. Maybe you'll find one worse than the Mario film, in which may I add, you were the one redeeming feature.

This seriously sucks - this guy was a fantastic actor.

Tonight, I think I'll re-watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit, with some scotch on the rocks.

(and I mean ice!)

What about Smee?

So, the article clearly says he HATED Super Mario Bros, and the title puts it first?

Farewell to another actor that made my childhood magical. Goodbye, Mr. Smee.

...That's... honestly depressing. Rest in peace Bob, you will be remembered... (pours out a bottle of scotch)

Who could ever forget his masterful performance as Odin in Son of the Mask?

Gave me chills.

What about Smee?

Pour one out for the fallen.

I was just saying the other day that he'd probably be able to keep acting for years if he really wanted to. Sad day.

He played an enormous number of parts, but almost always seemed to end up second fiddle- to Denzel Washington, to Judi Dench, to an animated rabbit. But I never got the impression it bothered him, that he demanded the spotlight only for himself. He was there to work, and work he did, solid and professional in every role.

Rest in peace, Mr. Hoskins. Thanks for all your good work.

The Long Good Friday all the way for me, great actor and a real shame to, nowadays 70s isn't even that old.

You will be missed Bob.

a man who many movies i watched and loved may he find peace in the afterlife

R.I.P Bob Hoskins. I really enjoyed your character in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"

Damn,.. he was a really good actor.. it's sucks that he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and then dies of pneumonia..I can't remember a film he was in that he didn't do a good job in.. even Super Mario Brothers.. I actually liked that film and thought he did a great job.. regardless. first we lost Dennis Hopper (aka King Koopa) now we lost Bob Hoskins (aka Mario) it's a sad day for both the mushroom kingdom and the real world....

Wow... He died on the same day as my grandfather...

Now, I feel like re-watching Super Mario Brothers and Brazil in your honor, Bob...

Love Roger Rabbit and Bob, I'll always love you for Mario. Yeah that's right I said it! I like the Mario movie!

Who Framed Roger Rabbit is one of my very favorite movies. Roger was the comic relief and as such took quite a bit of the spotlight, but IMHO, I honestly don't think anyone else could have done a better job as Roger's counterpart. Rest in Peace, Bob. You'll be greatly missed, and we'll never forget you.

Strange, I remember him most vividly from Enemy At The Gates and Danny The Dog / Unleashed. He was always a joy to watch. I hope he went out contented and may he rest in peace.


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