LEGO Firefly Build Compressed Into 9-Minute Video

LEGO Firefly Build Compressed Into 9-Minute Video

Adrian Drake's 14-month custom LEGO Serenity build weighs 135 pounds and contains more than 70,000 LEGO brick.

Back in 2012, LEGO artist Adrian Drake completed construction of a custom build based on Firefly's iconic ship Serenity that can only be described as epic. Using more than 70,000 LEGO bricks, Drake fashioned a 7-foot model of the ship weighing 135 lbs. Its completion was a 14-month endeavor that resulted in what has to be easily one of the coolest large scale LEGO builds of all time. Now, Drake has released a video showing the process of rebuilding the monster model.

Compressing more than a year's worth of work into 9 minutes of footage, Drake's time-lapse video follows the ship model throughout the course of its construction. The video itself was put together with 4,166 individual images which were taken one at time once every minute.

Not surprisingly, watching Drake piece together his model's various components is pretty danged fascinating. It's one thing, after all, to marvel at a completed work like this. It's another entirely to watch it built from the ground up, taking shape and eventually transforming into a finished piece of awesome. People interested in seeing more Drake's work (including a nifty LEGO AT-ST) can visit his personal website.

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Holy crap that's awesome! There's detail hidden in there that probably won't ever be seen again.

Usually, I won't buy a LEGO kit unless it nets to < $.10 per piece. Even at that discount rate, this thing is worth well over $7,000, not including all the time and labor involved. Though, let's see... About 70 hours of labor at minimum U.S. wage runs about $500.

In total, it's about $5.55 per pound. :)

It's too bad people who do these amazing project so often feel the need to put horrible music over their videos. I strongly recommend the mute button, it makes the video significantly better. To his credit though, not even terrible music could take away from that impressive creation, especially considering he took it apart and re-built it just to make that video. Now that's dedication. I wonder if every single piece was used the second time, or if he wound up with some random extras.

I know Cusoo don't want it as Firefly is too graphic but I wish one of these talented, amazing people would upload a pdf of how to build their LEGO Serenity. I'm nowhere near creative enough to do something like that myself but I want a LEGO Serenity in my life so badly. Sad face. Hells I'd even take a LEGO Mule 2, complete with a LEGO Jayne. The man who built this is a genius, truly a stupendous build, and even with a Captain Tightpants.

Fantastic build. I wish there were some shots of how it sections to open so you can see the interiors. Did he do the engine room?

Well the song at the end section was accurate because that was indeed awesome.

Wow it's huge :D great job.

Take my love, take my land, take all of my money.


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