BioShock Infinite's Floating City of Columbia Re-Created in Minecraft

BioShock Infinite's Floating City of Columbia Re-Created in Minecraft

BioShock Infinite's iconic city gets a Minecraft makeover.

A crew of Minecraft aficionados have sacrificed their social lives to construct an elaborate re-creation of BioShock Infinite's floating city. And it was worth it.

The Voxel Box is a small collective of in-game architects responsible for some of the most impressive Minecraft creations we've ever seen. Recently, they've been working on a modern city that resembles Chicago, a hobbit village, and Elsa's Ice Castle from Frozen-all of which make me think that social lives might be overrated.

This isn't the first time we've seen a Minecraft edition of Columbia. Back in 2010, long before BioShock Infinite was even released, another collective fabricated its own floating city. And several more have been produced in the interim. The Voxel Box version, however, uses a customized texture pack which appropriately captures Infinite's aesthetic.

Check out the gallery below to see the city of Columbia in all of its pixilated glory.

Source: imgur, vg247


Oh cute, they even managed to include "skylines".

No angel tower though. 3/10.

I guess I'm just burnt out on minecraft recreations. No interest. I've seen so many of them over the years now. I suppose it matters more if you're part of that community.

This looks amazing. I feel like I've seen some of their other work, but I can't quite recall. Also, gotta love an author who talks about a group of people spending time together doing something they clearly enjoy as having "sacrificed their social lives". Twice.

This is about the 20th time I've seen something so amazing that I've officially given up on Minecraft.

We need a new rule of the internet for things like this. How about:

Rule 34a: If it exists, there is a Minecraft version of it. No exceptions.


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