Pathfinder's New Iron Gods Adventures Are Lasers & Robots Sci-Fantasy

Pathfinder's New Iron Gods Adventures Are Lasers & Robots Sci-Fantasy

iron gods fires of creation

Iron Gods is Pathfinder's 2014 Adventure Path, and will focus on a science-fantasy realm of "gravity suits and nuclear resonators and atom guns."

Paizo has released a suite of details on its 2014 Adventure Path for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, titled Iron Gods. The series of adventures will focus on a realm called Numeria, where an ancient crashed space vessel littered the fantasy land with the products of advanced super science. The inhabitants of that land, however, are barbaric - and powerful weapons haven't made them any less so. The power behind the throne of Numeria itself, apparently, is actually a mighty force called the Iron Gods. According to the Paizo description of the adventures, "The Iron Gods are ready to make their presence known, and if they are not opposed by the region's newest heroes, a scourge unlike any the Inner Sea has seen will arise!" The adventures will being this August, debuting at Gen Con as part of Paizo's plan to combat the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

In a post on the Paizo blog, Creative Director James Jacobs called Numeria a place of "lasers and robots and radiation and gravity suits and nuclear resonators and atom guns and neurocams and K-lances and heavy weapon harnesses and robojacks and thoracic nanite chambers and graviton generators and more." Sounds fascinating, and a great twist on the usual fantasy fare that Paizo offers - similar to that time they did an adventure where the players must travel across time and space to World War I and kill Rasputin. No joke.

Additionally, Paizo has released names and authors for all the adventures in the series, as well as details for the first three.

  • Part 1: Fires of Creation, by Neil Spicer. Focuses on a town that uses what is probably a crashed starship plasma drive as a forge that suddenly goes out.
  • Part 2: Lords of Rust, by Nicolas Logue. The heroes investigate a massive junkyard where odd forces gather around what's being called an "Iron God."
  • Part 3: The Choking Tower, by Ron Lundeen. With an Iron God defeated, new foes rise in the giant crashed spaceship called the SIlver Mount.
  • Part 4: Valley of the Brain Collectors, by Mike Shel
  • Part 5: Palace of Fallen Stars, by Tim Hitchcock
  • Part 6: The Divinity Drive, by Crystal Fraiser

Pathfinder is currently the most popular roleplaying game there is. It is an update on the older 3.5 Edition of Dungeons & Dragons. Adventure Paths are series of linked adventures published for the game, designed to take players from starting heroes to the pinnacles of power over an extended storyline. Paizo's Adventure Paths take place in its proprietary game setting of Golarion.

Source: Paizo, Paizo blog


I do have a love in my heart for new campaign settings; I hope Numeria will stick around for a while, or at least get a decent setting book.

This is going to be AWESOME. Conan vs. Magic Robots From Space!

Definitely a nice change of pace. They've got dozens and dozens of volumes of more traditional (and very good) adventure paths to choose from, so a little deviation from the norm is probably in order. I might resubscribe for these.

Okay, am I the only person who's reminded even a little bit of the new Numenera game? Even the name is very similar!

I don't really like mixing Renaissance Fantasy and Sci fi. I would rather see a dedicated system or at least campaign world with changes to classes so that it actually fits, rather jam it in. And like all Pathfinder scenarios I bet it's going to start at level 1, so all together I'm going to skip out on it.


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