Steve Jobs Plays FDR in Internal 1984 Apple Video

Steve Jobs Plays FDR in Internal 1984 Apple Video

Hopefully someone finds a clip of Steve Ballmer playing Winston Churchill, or Bill Gates playing Ike.

Wired's Tech Time Warp piece this week takes a look at an old internal Apple video. Much like the Ridley Scott-directed 1984 Super Bowl ad, this internal sales video is over the top, pitting Apple Allies against the evil empire (IBM).

Steve Jobs makes a Rooseveltian appearance (around the 5:20 mark). Nothing feeds an ego like playing one of America's most revered Presidents, I suppose!

Apple is now at a point where they haven't had a new product line in quote some time. That's not to throw shade at the immensely successful iPhone and iPad lineups, but consumers always clamor for something new. With a watch or TV possibly on the horizon, one can only wonder if Apple will ever have an ad campaign as ambitious as its 80's ads ever again.


This is magical.

That's just so Captain America, it is beautiful. Those commandos better Howl.

The battle has been won indeed. Apple is now at 18th largest company in the world with 170 billion $ revenue vs IBM's 57th place at 107 billion $ revenue.

Its just so beautiful ;_;

Best commercial I've seen in over a year. Better than the one taking the riff on 1984 IMO.

So creative to be heading into the 20 year downward spiral they were about to go into until they revived a business with personal mobile hard-drives with simple display/control mechanics and an online store to back it up.

It's interesting to think about how low Apple got just before the dawn.


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