The CW Picks Up First Seasons of The Flash And iZOMBIE

The CW Picks Up First Seasons of The Flash And iZOMBIE


The Flash and iZOMBIE are officially making their way to the small screen, although fans can expect some changes from the source material.

Film adaptations from DC Comics tend to be hit or miss, but when it comes to TV shows it has a much higher success rate. That's probably a big part of why Warner Bros has been announcing or rolling out so many new series lately, including Gotham, Preacher, and even the Native American crime drama Scalped. Now The CW has officially picked up two more shows that were originally greenlit as pilots: DC Comics' The Flash and Vertigo Comics' iZOMBIE.

The Flash should already be familiar to anyone bearing a passing familiarity to Justice League superheroes, although the new series is notable for its connection to the popular Arrow series. Barry Allen, played by Grant Gustin, already appeared alongside Oliver Queen and even seemed to experience the event that gives him his powers. While the series doesn't appear to be connected to the cinematic universe of Man of Steel, it should go a long way towards introducing new fans to the character. DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns is on board as The Flash's executive producer.

iZOMBIE, on the other hand, will be very different from DC's usual superhero tales. Inspired by the mature Vertigo Comics series of the same name, iZOMBIE follows Liv, a med student-turned-zombie who uses her job in a coroner's office to access the brains that maintain her humanity. What's somewhat surprising is that iZOMBIE's adaptation bears little resemblance to the original books. The only similarity is that both stories have a female zombie lead; other supernatural creatures from the books don't appear to be surviving the transition, while Liz herself isn't even iZOMBIE's original protagonist. The series will instead focus on a "case-of-the-week" approach inspired by Veronica Mars, where Liz solves the murder behind each meal. And while in principle there's nothing wrong with that, I expect comic fans hoping for a faithful adaptation will be disappointed.

Source: Newsarama


The iZOMBIE sounds like a horrible, horrible, butchering of the comic.

Like taking the name just for the sake of the name.
Because, you know, it's 'trendy'.


Ditto on the iZOMBIE twist from the original material it sounds like a terrible pile of wank.

However I have high hopes for the Flash spin off. Arrow keeps getting better and better.

What, no love for Ellie or Gwen? Then why would I possibly want to watch the iZombie show?

Good for them. Although I think DC tv record may be about to take a blemish. Gotham just looks kind of dull. I mean who wants to see a story about Batman's puberty? A crime procedural showing "all these people who will eventually be interesting costumed villains... but aren't yet... and won't be in this show!" Yeah ummm, pass?

the comic is about a girl who works in a graveyard and eats brains so she doesn't turn into a mindless zombie. She has to deal with a 50s ghost and her gay best friend who is a wereterrier, vampires, hoards of zombies, an immortal, lovecraftian horror, Undead secret agents and dating a man whose job it is to kill supernatural beings, All while dealing with the fact she is gradually forgetting everything in her past.

obviously the TV adaption of that Could only be 'what if Dexter ate brains?'.

I doubt that I'll be watching this, just like I won't be watching gotham.

This is the first time I hear about iZombie, I think the premise sounded interesting, I'll probably read the comic. The show, on the other hand, sounds dull as hell.


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