Soul Calibur: Lost Swords - No Multiplayer Due to "Pay-To-Win Model"

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I think this whole thread sums up my thoughts nicely.

I'm just utterly confused... It turns out that this game is actually a free to play game and is strictly singleplayer. So it doesn't impact anyone's experience... Now that's a load of whatever stinks, I can tell you that for free.

I take it they don't know about certain free to play singleplayer games that beg and cajole other people?

Well at least they offer some honesty even in their darkest hours of complete madness...
Obviously don't buy their stupid piece of nonsense, just enjoy the entertainment value their glass shard tumble of development provides.

I'm going to be honest: as long as the microtransaction crap isn't too intrusive into the single player game(i.e. I can enjoy the game without having to pay extra money), I might still consider getting this. Other than when I had roommates, I've always played Soul Calibur single player anyway and was highly disappointed in the "story" mode for Soul Calibur V after the previous couple of games. If this somewhat inexplicable shift away from the main point of fighting games(competitive multiplayer gaming) results in a better single player experience, I might accidentally fall into the intended(?) audience for this game.

Couldn't they have just added in some cheat codes for single player that don't work in multiplayer? They could even sell them if they insist on wringing out every penny from their customers. $1 for an hour of double attack strength? $5 for enhanced boob physics? $100 for the often rumoured nude code?

Sniper Team 4: it like an action hack'n'slash now or something? Or did they seriously just pull the multiplayer aspect out of a fighting game, thus gutting its major selling point for nearly every fan of the series? I myself do not care for fighting games, but good Lord this is a baffling move. It's so baffling I can't even say it's stupid or insane. It's just a, "Wait, what?" type of moment.

Well the issue with the multiplayer is the fact that it is that the microtransaction system was based around selling power... rather than addons. Think of a racing game where one of the DLC options was a nitro-boost upgrade for your car. SO in multiplayer you can be damned sure that whomever bought that would have a significant advantage over anyone who didn't. This would basically turn the game into a have vs. havenots, and the havenots would either never win or be pressured to spend in order to actually have a chance at winning.

Honestly They just shot themselves in the foot with a chain gun.

This is really really dumb.
And it's happening to my favorite fighting franchise too, which saddens me.

I don't know how to feel about this.

Admitting you did something terrible to avoid doing something else terrible seems like it cancels out the honesty.

And I can't believe we're now at a point where developers are openly talking about how they're intentionally creating "pay-to-win" microtransaction schemes for their games.

Not to mention they gutted the customization, which, IMO, was always the best part of SC, post 3, anyways.
Make who and whatever I want, then make it fight the same, or someone elses who/whatever.
Honestly, if they stop with this bullshit, and make SC6 with a greater emphasis on customization and such (I.E., More voices/customization options, more armors, more weapons, and (if I'm being completely insane), giving me a story mode where the character is the star, maybe with some BS simple binary choice (Fight Xiba. Do you kill him because he's a retarded shit, or let him live because....reasons.) that would bring you closer to Soul Edge or Calibur respectively.) I would be on cloud nine.

Foolishness aside, what really gets me is how exactly would one have a pay-to-win model in a game that is (more or less) based on skill? I haven't played since SC:3, so did they add items that change stats since then or something?

Foolishness aside, what really gets me is how exactly would one have a pay-to-win model in a game that is (more or less) based on skill? I haven't played since SC:3, so did they add items that change stats since then or something?

They did in four, then realized that was a shitty move and took it out in five. I think they brought it back for this, but I don't know. I played the game for five minutes, then quit when I realized there would be No customization.

So they miss the point of fighting games by removing multiplayer, and they also miss the point as far as doing free to play games well by creating a pay to win model? So basically, Namco doesn't know what they're doing and have killed Soul Calibur? Well, finally put it down might be more accurate.

Because I guess that disabling the pay to win features in multiplayer mode was just too much work.

I just... I don't even... what?!?!

I'm, uh, I'm just gonna back away slowly and come back after I have some time to sort out what I just read.

Seriously, WTF is wrong with you Namco?

I don't get it. If you know a repulsive feature will break your game then why would you put that feature in to begin with?

If they know it pay to win then why don't they use a different different payment model that's not pay to win? why not just separate the pay to with features from the multiplayer if they must use a pay to win payment model? I am a bit confused about what is going on in the heads of the developers.

well at least they are being honest and not attempting to disguise the fact their try to feed customers bullshit.


I wonder if they realize that they just killed a franchise...

It was already dead.

Yup. Been dead since IV. Not impressed with how Namco shit the bed so hard on this series.

Okay, so I downloaded the game and played with it a bit. I'm going to go with a strict no pay policy(because i don't want to reward stupid decisions). A couple of observations so far:

You can change the voices to Japanese(yay!)

You only start off with access to Sophitia, Mitsurugi and Siegfried(boo!)

The announcer sounds like one of the guys from Honest Trailers(umm...?)

You start off with no clothing but underwear(I sense a lot of people starting with Sophitia for some reason)

There is a sort of kind of multiplayer component, in that you can use someone else's character in tag team.

You have a currency called AP that are used to start fights and regain health on a rematch.

This currency replenishes itself at a rate that should be satisfactory unless you start losing a lot(a match seems to cost 2 AP, and you replenish 1 AP every 2 minutes).

While you can't make fully custom characters, I've already seen one Sophitia on the tag team partner list with different hair and steampunk goggles, so I'm not sure to what extent customization goes yet.

The shop exists, and the tutorial shows you how to get to it(it's a menu item. not too hard to figure out). After that, no mention of it is made, so it isn't shoved in your face at least.

From what I can tell, you don't buy specific items. It's more like Mass Effect 3's multiplayer where you got a pack with random stuff in it. Moreover, these same packs drop from fights, so I don't see a real need for it unless you're just really impatient.

That's all I've got so far. By far, the most annoying thing is the limited characters. I'll play around a bit more when I have more time.

Talk about cutting your dick off to spite your customer.

A lot of Japanese and Korean games are openly structured to be like this. It's where the mobile scumbags like King, EA, Zynga and those cash of clans guys got the model from. Yep they even cloned their shitty practices off someone else.

Soul Calibur ran out of steam pretty completely at 4 i think, since then the series has floundered to find a space for it's self. Being a nickle and dime gear shop isn't exactly dignified but the game was hardly still a bastion of the genre, it's best years are about a decade behind it.

A LOT of games are structured like this. It's the feeling of winning being coupled with spending money. The biggest ones are Japanese MMOs with special VIP clients who spend thousands of dollars in order to 'be the best'. But there companies are pretty open about letting players pay for that rush, it's lets pathetic people buy into being all 'MLG'.

It's the shitest end of shitty but at least they do it in the open. The fact that and others try to hide behind this wall of civility is more sickening and more insidious in my book.

...but April 1st was a while ago...

You gotta hand it to Namco - they happily put their BS right up front so everyone could get a good whiff of it. Doesn't make it any less repugnant though.

What he said, this is a truly laughable but sad way to gut a franchise, openly too. The current gaming industry looks as if it is starting to eat itself or let itself decay.

So SoCal makes its own version of Tekken Revolution(or as i like to call it "Tekken without pressure").

Going single player only is kinda weird, but then again considering the idea behind it is probably he same as behind the atrocity that is TR(getting new players interested in the game, hopefully enough to buy the latest one), i think its a good thing. Why? Because when youre new to a game you REALLY dont want to face the people who have been playing the game for a few years as your first opponents.

E: Also i suspect youll get to play the game ALOT more than TR even if you lose, given that in TR a match costs 1 ticket or credit and you only get 1 ticket at a time(youll get the first one after 2(iirc) wins and 1 every win after that) and credits replenish at a rate of 1/30min

Online multiplayer is kind of a nightmare for fighting games anyway, too much delay and too many Mr Uberman Mc.Brokencombos online. I did stop playing the series at SCV due to move changes and the shift from an over the top movie announcer to pedophile get in the van announcer, but yeah might have to check this out.

This is awful Soul Calibur 5 was terrible because it was rushed and this game is just a salt in a wound and shouldn't even exist. The fact that they used "Play to Win" as how they describe their dumb system is the worst thing about this.

As someone who has followed this games creation I feel that I should clear up somethings that this article seems to misinform. First, the game is Free to play, that is why there are micro transactions. This was planned from the start. Second, the choice to be 'single player only' has been around for more then a year, it wasn't a sudden decision to cut the multiplayer. It was planned for it to be a F2P game with micro transcations and they probably felt that having multiplayer in such a game would be unbalanced and after playing the game it makes sense since it involves building up a character like in an RPG. If you're not interested in playing a single player fighter then that's fine but I personally like the idea of doing quests, missions and special events in my fighting game and not have to wait for someone who will eventually rage quit. If I did I could just play Soul Calibur V. If you want multiplayer then play Soul Calibur V, if you just want to have fun building your own character in a Soul Calibur game then Lost Swords is worth a look.

so ... they KNEW it was a bad idea ...

and did it anyway ... and removed the true life blood of the game ...


just ... what?! ...

Guess its a good thing I haven't cared about this series since Soul Calibur 3

Think I need to go lay down now though, the stupidity on display here is hurting my brain

Why would anyone "pay to win" in a single player game?

Steven Bogos:
Soul Calibur: Lost Swords had it's multiplayer mode cut due to concerns over it's "pay-to-win" microtransaction model.

Does anyone proofread this stuff before it goes online? I only ask because I gouge holes in my desk when I see misplaced possessive apostrophes.

OT: I swear, that quote from the developer has got to be a translation. I can't think of why anyone would admit upfront to designing a game around 'pay to win'.

Soooo... did it ever occur to them to segregate the singleplayer and multiplayer to some extent to prevent Pay 2 Win in MP? Or did their brains start melting whenever someone brought up Multiplayer WITHOUT exploitative business models, so they decided to just cut it instead?

This. I don't play Soul Caibur, but isn't there... like... default equipment they can just force for Multiplayer matches?

Either way, fighting game - multiplayer = dead-in-the-water game. There are very few games nowadays that can get away without Multiplayer, and fighting games are DEFINITELY not one of them.

Yeah... I'm not buying this. Multiplayer is basically the only reason to play fighting games.

Why would anyone "pay to win" in a single player game?

I read the article the other day then turned on my PS3 to download and try it out. Seems the game plays the add on RPG game they had back in Soul Caliber III (or was it II?) Your character starts off naked. Yes, I chose the samurai and I had only a pair of boxers and a sword. Then you're thrown into a match against a fully clothed series of guys (and girls). Win each fight for a treasure chest.You only have a single life bar, so damage from each round carries over. The only saving grace is you can switch places with an ally (random avatar of other characters)when the special gauge fills up. Take down the the boss at the end and you get to open the chest and get your prizes.Namely clothes, new weapons, and crystals. The clothes give you more HP, bonuses to damage, and defense bonuses (element). Weapons let you do more damage, but also have elements. The elements work like rock, paper, scissors. There's fire, water,wind, light, and darkness. Pretty simple stuff. The crystals are used to upgrade weapons and clothes (armor). That's the game in a nutshell. You grind through fights for treasure chest to get better gear so you can grind through the better areas for better gear. But wait, you can't just keep fighting all willy-nilly. You have AP (I forget what it stands for, but I guess it's action points) which you spend everytime you accept a quest. AP refills over time, very slowly of course. So yeah, you can pay for premium chest for better gear or you can pay for faster AP refills (potions). A very much Pay 2 win system. Fun to some extent, but if you need real money to get new characters I wouldn't play it. It's almost like a tablet game.

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