Telltale Releases New Wolf Among Us Episode 4 Screens

Telltale Releases New Wolf Among Us Episode 4 Screens


Telltale has released a trio of new screens providing a peek at at In Sheep's Clothing, the fourth episode of The Wolf Among Us.

Minor spoilers ahead!

Episode 3 of Telltale's The Wolf Among Us released last month, earning critical praise and pulling players deeper into its Fables-based tale of mystery, murder and conspiracy. That in mind, the studio has recently released a trio of new screenshots from the game's next episode: In Sheep's Clothing.

The images in question showcase several different scenes. In the first, Bigby, still looking a bit worse for wear after his battle with the Dums, is having a conversation with an unhappy looking Snow White. The second screenshot, meanwhile, shows a slightly less bloody Bigby speaking with Nerissa, a.k.a. the game's version of the little mermaid. The third and final image focuses on Bigby pushing his way through what looks like a dingy meat packing plant.

These images were accompanied by a brief bit of descriptive text that sadly doesn't offer much in the way of concrete information. It did promise that Bigby will further travel "a path fraught with danger," but beyond that the choicest reveal was that Episode 4 will be "arriving for download soon." Seeing how Episode 4 was obviously going to be releasing at some point, that might not seem like the biggest reveal. Even so, it's hard not to get excited about continuing with the game which, in this humble writer's opinion, has been super up to this point. Take a peek at the pictures and let us know what you think.

Source: Telltale


Based on how both TWAU and TWD:S2 have been releasing I am assuming that Episode 4 will most likely be either the first or second week in June. Telltale seems to have had a pretty solid release schedule with the last few episodes of both which is nice.

Episode 3 was great and I loved the choice I was given in the ending of it. I can't wait for Episode 4.

awh ye, when they start teasing it means the episode is imminent within 1-2 weeks time.

I'm actually more excited for this series now over The Walking Dead. I can't wait to continue Bigby's story and see what happens.

I find it kinda funny that Telltale went from releasing a want to be Heavy Rain to releasing the most popular point 'n click game within five years.

I was mad at the wait for episode 2, but I loved the hell out of it. Episode 3 came out really quick, and I actually ended up struggling to give episode 2 a decent break before replaying it differently. And that ending....holy shit, that was glorious. So pumped for 4.

I've been holding off, awaiting the promised release on Vita, but it's been months and months.

After the ending to that third episode I'm more excited for TWAU these days over TWD Season 2, so if Episode 4 comes even close to being as good as 3 was, then it should be pretty God damn amazing.


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