Convicted Navy Sailor was Hacking Government Sites from Aircraft Carrier

Convicted Navy Sailor was Hacking Government Sites from Aircraft Carrier

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The system admin for the USS Harry S. Truman's nuclear reactors was hacking in his spare time.

Nicholas Paul Knight is going from a floating fortress to the big house.

Knight plead guilty to conspiracy charges in a Tulsa, Oklahoma federal court yesterday, as did an accomplice, Illinois resident Daniel Kreuger.

Knight and Kreuger are both members of "Team Digi7al," a hacker group behind dozens of site hits in the last three years.

The kicker? Knight is a sailor in the US Navy, and he was doing most of his hacking from the aircraft carrier on which he was stationed, the nuclear-powered USS Harry S. Truman.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) was able to track down Knight after they tracked tweets made to the Team Digi7al account to the Navy's own network. Once they realized the hacks were an inside job, the NCIS set up a fake database as a trap for Team Digi7al, and it apparently worked like a charm.

Most of the hacks by Knight and Team Digi7al were focused on obtaining personal and financial information, social security numbers in particular, and hits include websites for Stanford, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the Toronto Police Service, and several US government sites.

The list of hit government sites, which range from the Library of Congress to the Department of Homeland Security, included the Navy's Smart Move site, which is where Navy personnel go to register change-of-address information.

Knight faces up to five years in prison, applicable restitution, and a fine up to $250,000.

Source: Ars Technica


Wow. A government inside job where a hacker is screwing around with confidential information that won't cause a gigantic controversy whose compiled arguments for both sides would reach from here to the moon. For once, the hacker is simply a dick.

Nothing much more to say than that it's nice that corruption is being rooted out from the military and that we're not only patching holes that we find, but that we're not ashamed to announce that we screwed up and fixed the person hacking our databases.

Hold on there ThunderCavalier. These 'hackers screwing around with confidential information' are people too. Go look at the twitter page for the group:

And I find your last sentence hilariously uninformed. That "we're patching holes" by having "fixed the person hacking our databases." Do a bit of looking around and you'll find these hackers have done a lot in terms of getting holes patched. They post exploits to twitter and the like, and often they deface the sites they hack. They do this to draw attention to the vulnerabilities SO THAT THEY GET PATCHED.

I'm not saying that none of TeamDigi7al did unjust things with information gained from hacking, just that most were doing it for teh lulz and the cred, and were doing more good than harm. They go after financial information because that's the stuff that's supposed to be secure. So it's extra embarrassing for those hacked, and extra good when it those vulnerabilities get patched.

And a quote from another article of Mr. Sailor Hackzor guy: "Essentially, I am in trouble for posting all of the stuff on Twitter," Knight said by email. "Although a lot of people are saying I was the leader of some crime organization that was out to get people, which wasn't true."

go read that other article, It's a bunch better than this one:

So many journalist are horrible and should feel horrible because they let themselves write articles simply meant to draw viewers, without actually being informative.

I bet it looked a lot like this:

If he'd only had a second person at his keyboard, he might have been able to hack better than gibbs.
Pull the monitor cord. That stops all hax.

I wonder, if they really wanted to, if they could bring him up on charges of treason.

So what did her actually do wrong, other then the idiotic outcry of "he hacked our shit!" that we always get?

Sounds like a colossal idiot, considering he was a Navy Nuke, who often have secret or top secret security clearances, get paid re-enlistment bonuses of up to $100K and are one of the few groups in the military who are pretty much guaranteed to find high-paying employment upon leaving the military. Not to mention he actually had one of the better jobs a nuke can have on the ship(being a system admin for the Nuclear plant LAN).

And now he's going to prison for being a dumbass hacker.

Guess you can't fix stupid.

So what did her actually do wrong, other then the idiotic outcry of "he hacked our shit!" that we always get?

Other then proving he can't be trusted with government equipment(He worked in a nuclear plant on Aircraft Carrier), you mean?

The Navy takes that kind of stuff really seriously. I saw people get kicked out of the Navy for things far less serious then that, because it showed a compromise in integrity.

I suspect he's smart enough to know that a dishonorable discharge/court martial isn't exactly a plus on a resume.


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