Netflix Summary Bug Creates Movies We'd Love to See

Netflix Summary Bug Creates Movies We'd Love to See

Netflix summary bug

This Netflix bug teases us with strange movies we'd love to watch.

Bugs are usually a source of frustration rather than entertainment, but we think Netflix had a winner with their recently-fixed summary bug. This bug jumbled Netflix's descriptions for movies and television shows, creating a plot summary that read like it came from a particularly bizarre parallel universe. Take this summary of Terminator 2: Judgement Day as an example: "A reprogrammed Terminator arrives from the future to protect young John Conner from a relentless, shape-shifting cyborg gumball machine."

Even if you haven't seen Terminator 2, you probably know that summary is a little fishy - but you can't say that you wouldn't tune in to watch the life-and-death struggle between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Servo. Hollywood, if you're looking for box office gold...

While the summary bug is sadly no more, you can relive its glory days by checking out the Summary Bug website or following @SummaryBug on Twitter. Though we regret the fact that these oddball movies will never see the light of day, we can only assume that Netflix is already working on parallel universe viewing technology that will give us a peek at the films of an alternate earth. Sure, it could be wishful thinking, but we still want to see Tom Servo's big Terminator break - which would definitely be worth paying Netflix's recent price hike.

Source: Summary Bug


'Goofy goes to Prison' would have been gold

With the hijinx Goofy gets up to, it's a wonder he hasn't already. Probably a tad bit dark for a Disney animated feature, though...

Taylor Swift's arrival as a global doomsday device? XD Also, the tortoise and the hare professional wrestling match.

You say Tom Servo, but I kept thinking of Benson from regular show image

Like "Rixty Minutes" but summaries. Classic.

Damn... there's some good stuff in there...

'An accident traps the Rangers in the Megazord cockpit during Christmas Eve. Time will tell if they can escape and assassinate Hitler.'

I'd watch.

ahhhh I wish you could opt into keeping the bug, kind of like facebook's "pirate english" you can turn on and off.

this is hilarious, like fallout bug level hilarious.

Fans of the Recess gang can follow along as the kids graduate from the fourth grade to the fifth, all while learning, dealing, and Satanic Worship.

Huh, I guess I must have missed that section from Recess when I was a kid. My god, those religious extremists were right, the shows of our youth did promote anti-Christianity. XD

This is the funniest thing I've seen in months. Tears in my eyes from laughing and everything.


Well, it worked for Katie Couric....

The Federation just wasn't the same after the SJ War.

man that was hilarious

Man this bug is really funny.

I just love the Power Ranger, Recess and the Terminator ones.

These are gold.

Someone tell an executive in Hollywood to greenlight some of this stuff for a movie release. I might watch movies more if something like the Terminator one was made into a movie.

The only challenging question about this is do we hire Troma or Asylum to make these films?

Also, your supposed link to the SummaryBug Twitter goes to Netflix's post about fixing the bug instead. Might want to fix that.


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