Big Trouble in Little China Comic Debut Gets 14 Covers

Big Trouble in Little China Comic Debut Gets 14 Covers


BOOM! Studios' comic set in the world of the '80s cult film starts its run with a stack of alternate covers.

John Carpenter's 1986 cult hit Big Trouble in Little China is getting new life in comic books. BOOM! Studios' new comic series is the first new story set in the world of the fantasy martial arts comedy. The Big Trouble in Little China comic was announced February 28 at this year's ComicsPRO Annual Membership Meeting. Carpenter himself is participating in the project, as a co-writer with Eric Powell. Powell is best known for his original series The Goon. Artist Brian Churilla (The Sixth Gun: Sons of The Gun) joins Powell and Carpenter on the book. The first issue of the new series will have fourteen variant covers, including retailer exclusives. The variants include work by Joe Quinones, Chris Weston, Terry Dodson, and Frank Cho. Bleeding Cool reports that the new series is one of BOOM! Studios' biggest launches this year, with over 23,000 copies ordered. The first issue hits stands June 4.

Truck driver Jack Burton, played by Kurt Russell in the film, appears on many of the covers in his iconic jeans and sleeveless shirt, topped with '80s hair. Also featured in several covers is David Lo Pan, the evil sorcerer played by James Hong in Big Trouble in Little China. The film hinted at the possibility of a sequel when one of Lo Pan's monsters stows away in Burton's truck in the final scene. The comic picks up where the movie ended, with Burton discovering the monster in his rig. Soon, evil forces invade his best friend Wang's wedding, seeking revenge. What would ol' Jack Burton say at a time like this?

Source: Bleeding Cool


Those covers are awesome- Frank Cho's is especially iconic.


Is Jack going to have adventures with the Monkey Demon that stowed away on The Porkchop Express? Because there probably isn't anything cooler in the entire universe than that.


Oh my. I seem to have thrown a tizzy. Sorry, internets.

14 variant covers? 2 variant covers is a big comic (or one which thinks highly of itself), 4 is either a very big comic or one that won't last 5 issues. 14? That's a joke, that's just a joke. And for only 23,000 copies (that's big for that company, but not for something with more then 2 variant covers, and certainly does not justify 14 by any stretch of the imagination).

This will either end up as a burn or the biggest piece of executive arrogance in the industry in the past few years that actually worked out.

What would ol' Jack Burton say at a time like this?

He'd say "Yes sir, the check is in the mail." =P

OT: Not big on comics, just stopped by to say that I frickin' love this movie. It epitomizes 80's action movies from start to finish. My favorite part is the fact that there's an all-out Braveheart-scale war in a back alley.

What would Jack say? He'd say you were being a stupid jackass for buying the same comic book fourteen times.

Oh.....this makes me sad that the really nice comic shop near my apartment shut down. I guess I can try the one that's a pit....if it's still open. I guess worst case, there's always the internet.

Clearly, this thread needs to turn into people's favorite scenes or lines from the movie.

Favorite scene: During the giant alleyway fight, when the guy puts the 2x4 on the back of the guy's head and then knees his face so hard THE BOARD BREAKS. Holy shit I need to go do some karate in the garage.

And best line:
"Well aren't you even gonna kiss her goodbye?!"


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