Nicolas Cage is Left Behind in New Trailer

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I have NEVER not been entertained by a Nicolas Cage performance. Either he's really good in the role, or he's just plain crazy. Never walked away disappointed by a Nicolas Cage performance. Ever.

This movie is clearly 100% fiction.

I mean, really, if I were God, I'd take Nick Cage to heaven and abandon everyone ELSE.

So, the question is, does this make a bad movie worse or a terrible movie awesome?

Have you guys seen the poster for the movie? It's so bad I thought it was a joke when I first saw it. Seriously, have a look:

Perhaps this is for ironic humour?...Maybe?
Oh who am i kidding? This whole idea is terrible. Cage may be able to Cage his way out, but i saw Drive Angry. You just cant Cage your way out of everything.

However, after being forced to watch Ballistica recently, though cage isnt in it, it will certainly make the turdiest of movie turds seem like a creative bouquet of floral freshness in comparision. It truly scarred me. So it should scar everyone else too!

Have you guys seen the poster for the movie? It's so bad I thought it was a joke when I first saw it. Seriously, have a look:

"The end begins"

Christ. That is truly something special. I can only hope to achieve such poetic grace with my slogans.
Also those facial expressions, they seem confused that we've noticed them at all.

Not G. Ivingname:


The thing that best sums this all up is a line where a nurse explains that she's sad all the babies have miraculously disappeared from the earth, because now she can't perform any more abortions.


I had heard the series was bad, but WOW, that is wrong on so many levels. Also, once the baby is out of the hole, it isn't really abortion anymore. >_>

Did the series ever explain what happened to the unborn babies during the Rapture? Did they get Left Behind?

Also, why did all the clothes neatly fold themselves up. Was GOD really so concerned about leaving everything behind in a tidy pile when he seems utterly unconcerned if the PLANE was going to crash or not?

The series explains that unborn babies get Raptured

i think im going to leave this film... behind

Cage isn't directing this film by chance is he? I thought he did this movie already - it was called "Knowing". Checking IMDB....Vic Armstrong, the guy who brought us NOTHING. He's a stunt coordinator. That's less than promising. Yea, this is a pass. I'm not fond of scripture presented as entertainment. Never watched the original movie series, was never interested, still not interested.

I-what? Why Cage? I stood up for you man, and you let me down. I TOLD THEM YOU WERE COOL!

This series is terrible. From a writing stand point, it was total garbage. The dialogue, the prose, the story, it was all garbage. There's even a part in the first book where Israel creates a magic potion that turns the dessert into a tropical paradise. Then they get invaded by Russia, but all of their missiles miss their targets for some reason. These are things that actually happen.

From a Christian standpoint, it was total garbage. The rapture is never mentioned in the bible. In fact, the bible says that Christians will be persecuted during the end times. How can that happen if they all get teleported away? The only people who look on from heaven are the martyrs, WHO WERE KILLED.

From a factual standpoint, it's garbage. In fact, there's a whole tv tropes page devoted to factual errors in the series.

I do think Nicholae Carpathia is cool name though.

Have you guys seen the poster for the movie? It's so bad I thought it was a joke when I first saw it. Seriously, have a look:

Oh cripes they made Cage the pilot. Not the Anti-Christ where we could have fun watching Cage go full Cage, but one of the douchenozzle protagonists who walk over people dying in the streets with nary a second thought.

Well we can scratch THIS movie off of my required viewing list.

Well, there were also "Left Behind" spin offs (a young adult novel series I believe) and a video game which was pretty terrible. That said, as someone who has actually read some of this it's not bad. People seem to mostly attack it just because it's "Christian" and heavily promoted that way.

To put things into context, most people on a site like this have probably dealt with things that have gone just as far without batting an eye because they didn't directly say "This is a Christian story". "Supernatural" is going into it's 10th season and has featured the biblical apocalypse, the devil, Michael the archangel and a whole cast of events and beings tying everything directly into Christianity as the dominant celestial truth. Other gods who have shown up have simply been powerful supernatural beings, most of them incredibly malevolent, at one point The Devil kills off a bunch of cannibalistic survivors of the Greek and Hindu pantheons (Kali was their leader).

Various anime and video games have also dealt with Christianity, and religious apocalypse in one form or another. Shin Megami Tensei has gone here, as has Neon Genesis Evangelion, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

I've never seen why "Left Behind" gets so much flak, yes it sets it's own universal truth, since God is real, this means all other religious are false. This applies to any series that sets a certain "truth" behind everything, you can't play on the metaphysical playground and have conflicts that mean anything on a global scale while being politically correct and not putting in some way of saying all religions are equally valid to avoid offense.

At it's core it basically creates a global apocalypse, makes the anti-Christ the bad guy (it's not the first time), and sets up a bunch of good guys to fight him. It's not high art, but it's not terrible either, and I can see why it was really popular with a lot of people, and probably even has a following against non-Christians simply on the merits of the story, which I believe is being intentionally campy at times.

As the article points out "The Rapture" isn't something all Christians believe in anyway, but it does make for some interesting story material, and explaining a sudden, mass disappearance.

To put things perhaps into some context, since the books do question some of the fundamental concepts themselves, the basic reason why someone could be making a "god doesn't do this" argument is because in the story, he just suddenly causes people to vanish (all children go automatically). This means you have a massive apocalypse as planes crash when their pilots vanish, cars go out of control, fires start when the people tending devices vanish, etc... this crisis is what allows Carpathia who is in the UN to work towards seizing power. In the scope of Christianity it can be argued that free will means God can't sit there and punish everyone who does something wrong, otherwise nobody would ever do anything wrong, and he's be a tyrant, especially seeing as he's pretty much aware of everything. This means rapists and criminals, parents who smoke and do drugs and pass conditions on to their children, and everything else all happen as a result of free will. In comparison though if god say decides "today is the rapture" and takes the faithful to heaven to begin the end times, and as a result some driverless car goes out of control and pulverizes some poor atheist on the side of the road, taking away any chance of him ever being able to "see the truth" and repent before the end and still get into heaven, that's really kind of unfair, the guy didn't even have a chance to know something was happening to soak in the warning... and that raises conceptual problems. I could be wrong but the whole "the god momma told me about doesn't do this" thing could be in response to some event from the book of revelations (which is nasty) or just the initial wave of the rapture, where people are dying in droves without people even knowing it was because of sudden disappearances you know... good news, God just saved everyone at the church cookout, bad news the unattended grills have burned out of control leading to a massive fire, which is unusually terrible because a lot of the selfless firemen made the cut for being heroic and there weren't enough of them and other first responders left to respond in force to that and all the other problems....

I'm not a huge series fan (though unlike many I've read some of it), and the franchise getting a movie reboot doesn't excite me, but I can see why Nicholas Cage took the role. This is something with a decent, enduring, fan base that is likely to make some serious bank, especially with a real movie star at the helm and a decent budget. What's more Nicholas Cage is fundamentally playing "Redemptive Action Guy" which is a role we already know he can nail. One of the big questions about it's success is going to be whether it jumps from existing fans, to the mainstream, and that largely comes down to how they portray it. If they focus on the action and events, it might work, if they spend a lot of time on religious analysis, conversion, and repentant hand wringing, then probably not.

As a basic recommendation, I'll say that if you liked Steven King's "The Stand" (book or mini-series) on a lot of levels this is similar [Spoilers for old material ahead]. Albeit "The Stand" had a massive biological weapon outbreak acting as The Rapture (with the release caused by recurring Steven King all around bad guy, Flagg, who happens to be a demon). The Stand's basic set
up where you have a bunch of good people in the mountains, and a bunch of bad people lead by that demon in Vegas, and a war brewing as the forces in Vegas build an army to wipe out the other people and control the remnants of earth, is very similar to the relation between "Tribulation Force" and it's enemies. The big difference is that "Tribulation Force" can be fairly pro-active, where the point of "The Stand" the book took it's name from was sacrifice, where the people making "The Stand" travelled to Vegas, were captured, tormented, and basically never gave up their faith, despite never doing anything to resist which was one of the requirements (turn the other cheek) which in turn enabled god to intervene (with the ending, especially in the mini-series, being the defeated heroes 2" away from execution, the hand of god literally comes down and sets off a nuke... BOOM! good wins). This is a similar theme to his other works where god is defined as being unable to intervene without sacrifice (spelled out quite frankly in "Desperation" for one), and is the eventual "trump card" that comes up in the hands of a righteous man in stories like "Needful Things" (where the Sheriff's pretend magic tricks briefly become real magic when he enters into a final confrontation he otherwise can't win, having lost everything up until that point). Even "The Dark Tower" series which ties together a lot of his cosmology ends by sort of showing the surprise sacrifice (a huge one) that allows Roland to do what he does... in short King is a much better writer, but a lot of his stuff is pretty similar to "Left Behind" in theme, even if not as preachy (usually) if you can appreciate him, you probably will at least find "Left Behind" somewhat entertaining.... and as I started out saying, it comes out very similarly to "The Stand".

The rapture isn't really 'extra-biblical'. It has foundation in the Bible but seems to be one of those things that isn't clear cut enough for some people. If you are reading the Bible and expecting everything that it preaches to be laid out in modern day layman's terms then you aren't really being realistic. Heck, more obvious teachings like 7 day creation are being denied by some because it isn't 'clear' enough for them, so they apply their own definitions and decide what the Bible says based on what they want it to say.

The rapture is not purely extra-biblical. Obviously many of the things that happen in the left behind series is (leaving clothing behind, exactly what the anti-christ does, etc. which aren't false by necessity but are still based on assumptions of what the end times will be like), but the core notion of the rapture is not extra-biblical.

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