Danganronpa 2 Coming West in September, See the Cast

Danganronpa 2 Coming West in September, See the Cast

Monokuma is back to making high school students' lives miserable - this time on an island.

NIS America released an English trailer for Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, the sequel to Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc from earlier this year.

A different set of students from Hope's Peak Academy travel to Jabberwock Island for a "lovey-dovey, heart-throbbing school trip." The fun ends when a certain character shows up.

Once again, the not-so-cuddly bear Monokuma throws a group of high school students into a murderous game in which the only way to escape is to kill someone and make it through a trial without being discovered. The students are from Hope's Peak Academy, just like the students from Trigger Happy Havoc, and they each have a title that indicates what they are best at. A gallery below shows each of the students and their talents. (The protagonist, Hinata Hajime, is not pictured.)

Danganronpa has two distinct sections of gameplay, split into Daily Life/Deadly Life and the Class Trial. In Daily Life, the player can interact with the other characters. This switches to Deadly Life when the characters discover a crime scene. The player must determine who committed the crime in the Class Trial, which has several gameplay elements.

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair will be available for the Vita on Sept. 2 in North America and on Sept. 5 in Europe. A limited edition is available for preorder and includes the game, an art book, the soundtrack, a coin with Monokuma's face, a Monokuma sticker, and sunglasses.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc released in February this year. An anime adaptation premiered last July.

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"Gundham Tanaka, Ultimate Breeder".

... Uh huh.

Yeah I wish they'd be a little more specific on what the guy does than that.

Pleased with this (somewhat late) news. Danganronpa was a surprising amount of fun, and I really anticipate this new one.

I'm eying that collector's edition, but after Rob Rath's article on them, I'm more apprehensive (though it's 59.99 $US; much more reasonable than most). My deal breaker would be the soundtrack, which CE's ALWAYS seem to skimp on.

What is with byakuya!?!?

so now I'm lost, is this after the first one takes place at the same time or alternate timeline or what?

Eve Charm:
What is with byakuya!?!?

so now I'm lost, is this after the first one takes place at the same time or alternate timeline or what?

No it is not an alternate timeline. The game is out for a long time in JP and I spoiled the story a bit for myself. I know what is with Byakuya, and I won't tell you *wink*.

OT: Yep, I'll download it for sure. While Makoto (the protagonist of part 1) was really not to my liking (HOPE! FRIENDSHIP!! FRIENDSHIP!!! HOOOOOOOPE!!!!1!!), I still liked the rest of the cast and the evidence searching/trial sections were really well done. Although I hope that now it is a bit harder. I mean, the game won't even let you into the court room unless you've gathered everything.

I feel like seeing Byakuya may have just ruined the first game for me. Dammit.

OT: This is one of the few impulse buys that I am grateful that I bought. Such a damn good game, and I'm excited to see a new one.

I cackled after seeing Byakuya, oh god I must be strong and not spoil myself to see what happened there. Sadly none of the girl characters seems as awesome as Sakura, heart slightly broken.

As someone who was a huge fan of DR1+2 when fan translations and screenshot LPS started circulating around Tumblr, I am absolutely psyched for the official release... and also terrified to hear the English dub. I'm one of those people who have trouble getting into dubbed stuff that they're used to hearing the Japaneese voices for or just text, because if the English voice acting doesn't sound close enough the voices I have associated with these characters in my head it'll make it very difficult to play for me. I still haven't listened to a word of the Dub for the first game for the same reason.
Also they changed Genocider Syo to Genocide Jack, which is a stupid name, and she was my favorite character...

Can't wait for the game to come out (although i'm just going to watch through a walk through on Youtube like usual). I've only seen up to the Chapter 5 murder, as the news of DR2 coming out so soon have left translators apathetic in continuing translations, and there's no way i'm going to ruin the mood by just reading the translated script.

The game is still DanganRonpa, with even more puzzle solving and mystery to say the least, although it lacks a bit of the charm DR1 had in my opinion, but that might just be because it's the second game.

The English voices sound PERFECT to me, they all sound exactly how i expected in English while keeping tones similar to the Japanese ones and proper for their character.
- With the exception of Nagito. He sounds WAY too confident, as if he's doing a Yu-Gi-Oh duel.


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