Sharknado 2: The Second One Trailer

Sharknado 2: The Second One Trailer

Enough said. Again.

Just so we're clear, this is the second movie that is actually about a tornado that sweeps a huge number of sharks up out of the ocean causing them to rain down on a major coastal city.

The original Sharknado became unquestionably the biggest breakout hit of the Syfy Original Movies canon when it premiered last year; causing an "is this for real?" furor on social media that led to mainstream media coverage and even a special-event theatrical release. In fact, though its initial airing drew slightly below-average ratings for Syfy, one of its two rebroadcasts (due to massive audience demand) became the most-watched original film encore in the channel's history. In July, it will return to theaters as a Rifftrax Live event.

The sequel finds surviving castmembers of the original in New York City when another freak tornado picks up and drops a deluge of sharks on the city. At this time, the National Weather Service, which saw fit to comment on the veracity of the original, has offered no comment as to the actual statistical likelihood of a second sharknado actually forming.

Source: Syfy


*Video not available in you country*

Why the hell not? Like really, not available in Canada, one of two countries directly attached to the USA, where I am sure it works...
They don't get any of my Syrup.

Also not available in mine.

But...they took the original name, and added "2: The Second One" to it?


Not available here, in Lithuania, too.

Didn't watch the first one, why should i even bother with a sequel?

"This video is not available in your country"

Everything wrong with the current copy"right" system summed up in one sentence

As slimey as I feel for saying this about what is very obviously a calculated attempt on the part of the filmmakers to try and manufacture the next Birdemic (which is impossible, as for something to truly be "so bad it's good" there needs to be honest-to-goodness effort towards making a good movie that just went horribly wrong), I must admit, I do look forward to seeing just where they plan to go with this thing. Will it just be over the top self parody again, or will they try and use their now substantial visibility to come out of left field and actually make a potentially clever satire ON the very mentality that made it popular in the first place?
I'd be interested to see a bad movie about the popularity of bad movies... but I think it might be a little optimistic to anticipate that kind of nuance from Shark-sodding-nado 2...

Not available huh? Xenophobic bastards!

Wait, is it not available in Ireland (my home country) or Japan (the one I am in now) Either way its annoying.

Also not available in mine.

But...they took the original name, and added "2: The Second One" to it?


Give them credit for doing something different than just digging in the "Cliché-Subtitle-For-Sequel"-dumpster and NOT call it "Sharknado: The Revenge", "The Return", "Rebirth" or anything like that.

Give them credit for doing something different than just digging in the "Cliché-Subtitle-For-Sequel"-dumpster and NOT call it "Sharknado: The Revenge", "The Return", "Rebirth" or anything like that.

If you ask me, they should have gone with "Shark v Tornado: Dawn of Terror"

Best part about this? The fact that it's called "Sharknado 2: The Second One".

I really have to wonder why they felt the movie needed the subtitle of "The Second One" when the number 2 is already in place.

*Video not available in you country*
Also not in NL... US only thus, 99% certain.
Which is BS.

Still say these things need 'Electric Boogaloo' attached to 'em.

At this point, though, I wish the channel that can't spell would just die already and let someone else try to being this line of entertainment en masse to the public. They're no good anymore.

I can't see the trailer myself. I am from Greece btw.....

I don't mean to seem indifferent to those outside the U.S., but having just watched it I think withholding it is less an injustice and more an attempt to keep our cultural stupidity to ourselves.

It's called Sharknado 2 : The Second One. I assure you, it's exactly what you expect only (somehow) even more shallow and meaningless.

I desperately think Youtube should be forced to change that message. It is not a case of 'Hasn't been made available to your country'. It IS a case of 'Has been made unavailable outside the US'. You have to very specifically MAKE it unavailable. It doesn't just happen, or default to it, or anything. They didn't neglect to make it available to Australia, they chose specifically to do so.

It's not available for the UK viewers aswell which is probably for the best.

A trailer to a sequel of a movie that gained worldwide attention due to social media, is not available to be shared outside the US.

Talk about taking a shotgun to the foot.

I remember the days when "so bad it's good" movies weren't made intentionally. I always thought people liked these movies ironically, but there isn't much irony there if the movie is made to be bad in the first place, you're just liking the movie for what it is: bad.

Also why does Sharknado get all the press when it's arguably one of the tamer shark related movies these guys have pumped out.

1. Sharks wouldn't survive a tornado

2. Sharks wouldn't be a threat outside of water

3. I can't watch movies like this because, logic D:


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