Magicka 2 Coming to PlayStation 4 - Update

Magicka 2 Coming to PlayStation 4 - Update

Clever trailer reveals the news at Sony's PlayStation presentation at E3.

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That was adorable, I nearly choked in laughter when the cat blew up.

Did anyone else pause at the newspaper scene to read such gems as:
Couch for sale, definitely not cursed.
Keytarist needed for 'Save the Rec Center" concert.
Phone human needed, must be good at talking and phoning.

And my personal favourite:
Man washer required, become a part of the only growing industry.

1231 days unemployed "God this sounds like my life"

Checks want ads for work, drivers license required "God DAMNIT this IS my life"

This might be the best E3 trailer that's ever existed. Never thought I'd be saying that about a trailer that's almost totally live-action.


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