Sony is Making a Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

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*shuffles papers* So, new sonic movie right? Over a decade late for that to be relevant, and many bad games for that to seem an easy success. It could be the nail in the coffin it's diehards have been building for quite some time. If it was me? I'd go as big as I could get with it, and script it in the same dark humor that Sonic SatAM was. Robotnik genuinely villainous, Sonic dropping the sludge of 90s characterization. Kill Tails, if nothing more then to have that one moment that freaks the fans out.

Two bad games are many now?

Really? Out of all the things I said, that is the one thing you chose to focus on? Sonic '06, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic.. what's that one he's a werewolf. Yah, we'll add that one too. Sonic R. Now, obviously this was an opinion and you could easily have taken it as such, but it seems odd that you chose to call me out on that rather then discuss, say using a SatAM like script (or pulling from some of the comics). Hell, I'd have thought the killing Tails comment would have caused more issue.

*thinks it over* That being said, the live action doesn't actually bother me. Not really, you give it a good plot and get a decent studio to do the editing, and I can sit through it. I am just curious how they plan to represent actual speed in it, and how absolutely broken it'd be to watch if they tried to aim it for 3D. Blurry jump cuts framed by sloppy stop motion where they throw things at the screen. Radical!*

I don't know, honestly I'd like to see the Roboticizer as a threat. That'd amuse me.

* I hope I'm using that word right. I'm 28, and the 90s are fuzzy. Pogs still cool?

Sonic 06 and Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis (aka Sonic 1 for GBA) Shadow was mediocre (hell, it was far better than Heroes, for one thing), Unleashed was good, Sonic R was how many years ago?
SatAM and comics have gone a FAR different route from the games. Sonic X just plain sucked. They shouldn't rely on any of previous adaptations. Really, the moment they announce that Sally Acorn or, God forbid, Chris Thorndyke is in it, the movie's dead.

Sonic is not the franchise to turn into a movie. Sonic is know for it's absolutely terrible narratives. Why would you ever adapt sonic?

God, just let the poor blue rodent die already.

I can't think of any movie based on a franchise that had the whole CGI/ Live Action treatment turn out well at all. Why not just go all the way with the CGI? Or hell, go with a 2D style? What happened to those kinds of movies?

As long as it's not based on the new terrible version of Sonic, the lanky dudebro with the goggles or whatever.

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