Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Gameplay Preview - Loot, Guns, & Claptrap!

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Gameplay Preview - Loot, Guns, & Claptrap!

Andrea Rene gives her take on the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel demo on display at E3 2014.

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I'm kinda curious how well this one does. Yeah, I enjoyed Borderlands 1 & 2, but after beating Borderlands 2 and the four Season Pass DLC packs I already felt like I had played a sufficient amount of Borderlands. I really don't feel a burning need for a sequel, especially one that (at least from the glimpses we've seen) seems so similar to what we already have.

Yeah, im not as hot for this one as i was for Borderlands 2.

Now if there was a brilliantly produced trailer...

I like Borderlands 2 and I think I'm going to get the pre-sequel, but I won't make the mistake to buy before they release a game of the year edition. I still regret buying Borderlands 2 on steam instead of getting the edition from the store where the Mechromancer DLC was already included for the same price.

Damn, the awesome Andrea Rene notwithstanding, the reason I watched the entire trailer was because I wanted to see skags wearing helmets and spacesuits. Sadly, this was not the case :(

I liked Borderlands 2 at first, as I loved the first game, but it quickly started to piss me off how the enemies are just bullet sponges. What makes this so much worse is the fact that, as you get to higher levels, it becomes more and more important to make sure you have appropriate level gear, as even gear from 2 levels ago becomes obsolete, even if it's the highest rarity.


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