Mario Maker Hands On: LittleBigPlumber

Mario Maker Hands On: LittleBigPlumber

Classic platforming meets intuitive level creation in Nintendo's newest addition to the Mario franchise.

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They already had my money at saying "you get to make your own Mario levels." My guess is that the release will have more stuff to do. I really want to see if we can get Super Mario World palettes as being able to do different styles would be awesome.

I enjoyed the silly fridge logic bits where they just go "well, when you put these objects together like this, what would happen" followed by something ridiculous happening, but I wonder how long you can make that amusement last.

I didn't know how much I wanted this until I saw it.

I'm standing by what I said.

Stripped down Lunar Magic, yet is being sold despite Lunar Magic being free and more in-depth.

Unless Mario Maker let's you customize everything, there's literally no reason to get it over a better, free version.

Well, the Wii-U controller is actually useful for this. Its got that going for it over littlebigplanet.

This does seem like a downloadable novelty thing though, and even going by the LBP comparison, 90%+ of the levels will be junk.

ooooooohhh if this has an answer to mario composer I will be a happy little plumber!


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