Dead Rising 3 (PC Edition) Hands On - Click The Zombies to Death

Dead Rising 3 (PC Edition) Hands On - Click The Zombies to Death

The former Xbox One exclusive is making its way to the PC, and I was able to spend a little quality time with the zombies.

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Ah, so its still only got a time limit mode they shoved on the last minute because the originals were only good thanks to a well thought out over a long period time limit. It is capped at 30fps meaning its far less playable (until its enevitably patched out by a fan) then most PC games. Is their graphical settings at least that far surpass the console version?



Not particurlarly excited about this but might get it one of these days. Maybe on a sale or something.
That weird Street Fighter thing or whatever it was, did look a little interesting though.


They will supposedly allow you to uncap the framerate in the game already.
It's just that they basically tied some mechanics to the games FPS instead of "actual time" I guess you could say.
So going above is 30 probably will have weird results but the option will apparently be there anyway.

I dont plan on getting a console for at least the next two years but when I do It wont be a Xbone. I liked Deadrising 2 So I might pick this up when it's cheap on steam.


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