The Devil's Men: Steampunk Sherlock Holmes

The Devil's Men: Steampunk Sherlock Holmes

Murder mystery meets classic point-and-click in Daedalic's intriguing adventure game.

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Okay, consider me a bit hyped.

Adventure game from a proven studio? Check. Murder mystery? Check. Choice and consequence, TellTale style? Check. Multiple protagonists? Check. Multiple protagonists who can actually help/block each other with their actions? Mothereffing check, haven't seen that since Pathologic, I believe. Setting? Okay, maybe not my favorite, I prefer 30's America, or modern times, but I would lie if I'd say that there's nothing to enjoy for me in steapunk/victorian setting. This game seems almost like a checklist of game tropes I absolutely adore. I'll definitely keep an eye for this one.

It's a shame, that this kind of games is so unpopular, I always have to dig deep in every game show report to find gems like that, meanwhile I cannot run away from reading/hearing about Destiny, BF Hardline or Far Cry 4, even though I desperately try to...

i like the design of the tomboyish girl

is too early to see if itll be any good, but atleast there arent any warning signs just yet


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