Project Morpheus Offers a Smooth VR-to-Reality Transition

Project Morpheus Offers a Smooth VR-to-Reality Transition

Having had two dizzying experiences with older-model Oculus titles, I wasn't expecting such a smooth transition with Project Morpheus.

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Didn't they fix a lot of the issues with motion sickness in the most recent iteration of oculus?

Still, glad to hear Sony's entry is good. Was expecting another lame 'move' duck.

I wonder if Zenimax is going to sue.

You seem to have had fun with Valkyrie. too bad they arent going to develop it any further, it was a proof of concept thing entirely. Still, Star Citizen may be one to provide similar gameplay. or maybe not, seeing how the alhpa looks.

Good. Now make it run on actual PS4 hardware in an actual game being rendered at real time.

Tried a Rift for the first time the other day, can't wait for the Morpheus to come out now.

No Man's Sky with Morpheus



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