John's Five Favorites of E3 2014

John's Five Favorites of E3 2014

John has been to 14 E3s. Yeah, he's old. So something must have made an impression on him at this year's E3, right? Right?

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Good picks.

For me it was:
Farcry 4 -killer honey badgers!
Witcher 3 -looks better and better.
Evolve -get to play as Cthulhu.
No Man's Sky -gorgeous and potentially amazing if it lives up to what they're promising.
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel -Borderlands 2 was one of my favourite games of the last generation and this looks to be more of it only with added mechanics.

Good picks.

Witcher 3 -looks better and better.

I would have been more excited for Witcher 3 this year if we had gotten to play. But it was the second straight year of a theater demo and no hands on. PLUS, it is delayed to February 2015. Looks good, but a bit skeptical for now.

I am so happy to hear about the Pillars of Eternity embargo =D I knew they were at E3 but no-one has talked the game at all. I was worried somehow everyone had lost interest

I am so happy to hear about the Pillars of Eternity embargo =D I knew they were at E3 but no-one has talked the game at all. I was worried somehow everyone had lost interest

And believe me, I WANT to talk about it ;)

For a second I thought it was john 5's favourites of E3.

That would have been cool.

I have to disagree with some of those choices. Borderlands 3? Now in space? Maybe I was playing Borderlands wrong, but I was moon jumping all over the place, blasting away at ragdolls that flew into the air as I shot rockets at their feet. Don't get me wrong, Borderlands IS fun, but setting something in space is story writing shorthand for making something goofy. And here's the thing; Borderlands was already wearing clown shoes and a big cheese hat. I cant help but see Borderlands: A pre-sequel(What a horrible name!) as a very very VERY lazy cop out. They took Borderlands 2 and changed the gravity settings and BOOM! Borderlands 3, the sci-fi game already set in space is space...

And on the same lazy note: Evolve.



I have one, as well as a My Little Pony, Alien Xenomorphs, Warhammer Orks and Starship Trooper Arachnids. Why do we have to pretend these add-ons are new games?
I first saw Evolve on April 1st and I honestly thought it was a joke, or better yet, A DINOSAUR MOD FOR L4D2!

News has been so sparse on Pillars that I'm strongly considering Dragon Age: Inq instead. I'd prefer an Obsidian game so my decisions will matter.

Shroud of the Avatar just looks like a massive 3d update for Ultima Online, hardly surprising given the people involved. It's easy to get excited about non-instanced player housing, but it chews up a lot of development and system resources for comparatively little in-game benefit; it mainly comes down to bragging rights and storage. Same goes for a player-driven economy and crafting system: prepare yourself for the inevitable inflation followed by gold farming.

If they're really going full hog with player housing, they should be imaginative with it. How about this: make it so player housing is directly related to monster spawning. Plonking down houses in 'wild' areas will lower spawn rates of weak monsters but attract stronger ones, so you need to be properly geared to live the frontier life. In cities, give each housing type a chance to attract particular mobs, and make it aggregated based on the surrounding houses - say a slum type house has a chance of attracting cutpurses and a castle has a chance of spawning serious shit like undead in the dungeons. That way, living in a particular area has some downsides, and you can come up with the chance of creating emergent gameplay by having players need to call in other players to clean up their neighbourhood.

I remember when games had color and weren't washed out or run through a dark color filter.


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