Chelsea Handler Taking Late Night to Netflix

Chelsea Handler Taking Late Night to Netflix

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The host of E!'s Chelsea Lately is bringing late night talk to Netflix.

You won't find women hosting late night talk shows on the major networks, but Chelsea Handler has spent seven years hosting E!'s Chelsea Lately, which will come to an end in August. Now Handler is making the move to Netflix with an as-of-yet-unnamed talk show set to premiere in 2016. The show will feature "an updated format that still encompasses Chelsea's unfiltered opinions on topical entertainment and cultural issues, as well as her signature guest interviews." Though this type of show is breaking new ground for streaming media, how many of us already keep up with late night staples like The Daily Show via Hulu or the web? Plus, Handler seems like a great bet for a nontraditional format.

For those of you who don't want to wait until 2016 there are no Netflix-provided time machines (yet), but Handler will be producing several specials for Netflix between now and then, including a stand-up performance from her current tour (premiering this October) and four docu-comedy specials throughout 2015. So keep your eyes open for Chelsea Handler to debut on Netflix later this year.


This is excellent news. I know people were upset that another white male was chosen instead of a female or a minority for The Late Show, but to be honest I'm rather glad none of the hosts people were suggesting, such as Chelsea Handler, were tapped for that. This show is going to be infinitely better than The Late Show, and to be honest I'm not even pleased Stephen Colbert got the gig. Neither Chelsea Handler nor Stephen Colbert would ever be allowed to truly push the envelope the way they do on their current shows, and that would go for any other host that was chosen. The Late Show is watered-down, bland and boring, and I wouldn't wish any of my favorite actors/comedians/etc. to have their talent go there only for it to be squandered. Late night TV is of no interest to me at this point; I'll happily stick to shows such as The Daily Show, The Colbert Report (For the rest of the time we have it), and Chelsea Lately. Actually, I do like Conan, though I don't watch it overly often. I do think he could be even better if he had something like this, though, an online show where he calls all the shots and the network isn't watering it down, even though his show isn't quite as bad as the The Tonight Show and The Late Show.

I was unaware people liked Chelsea Handler. I personally can't stand anything that comes out of her mouth.

I'm not really that into Chelsea Handler, but I am kind of intrigued by how this show might be released. Will it be a daily release? One show weekly or multiple shows? I imagine it will be uncensored, but will she have music acts? And will it be a "whole" talk show season or a more abbreviated one?

I'll give the show a shot for a week or two, just to see what it will be like. It's entirely possible that she will feel a little more free on Netflix and actually be funny (versus worrying about saying the "wrong thing" on Tv).


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