Microsoft Doubles Free OneDrive Storage, Office Subscribers Get 1 TB

Microsoft Doubles Free OneDrive Storage, Office Subscribers Get 1 TB

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Are you an Office 365 subscriber? Microsoft is increasing your cloud storage to 1 TB.

The ongoing cloud storage war between the likes of Microsoft, Google, Apple, Dropbox, and others can do no wrong by consumers at the moment. Increased competition means lowers prices nearly across the board, be it through direct price drops, or same-price-more-gigabytes strategy shifts.

Microsoft is using the latter strategy, as outlined on The OneDrive Blog. Later this week, all OneDrive users will see the storage floor more than double from 7 GB to 15 GB. This brings Microsoft's cloud storage platform in line with Google's ecosystem (Gmail, Drive, etc.) which currently offers the same free 15 GB to all users.

If you're a little more invested in Microsoft's cloud products and services, you will see an even larger storage bump. Office 365 subscribers will now get a minimum of 1 TB of cloud storage space, and the increase applies to any and all versions of the Office suite. $6.99 per month will get you Office 365 Personal (which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access), as well as 1 TB of space -- not bad if you live and die by the spreadsheet and IMAP mailbox.

Last but not least: Microsoft is lowering prices on all storage purchase options. If you aren't an Office 365 subscriber, but you want more storage? $1.99 per month nets you 100 GB of space, while 200 GB is $3.99.

Are you invested in OneDrive? Leave your impressions in the comments -- maybe you can convert a Google Drive user or two in the process.

Source: The OneDrive Blog


I've somehow gotten subscribed to all three major cloud services, even though I use none of them...

Anyways, good of Microsoft. Competition is always great.

I was an early adopter, so I still get the 50GB for free (I think), but I haven't had any interest in using it because of the stupid way they both work: You have to keep a dedicated C:\Users\Myname\OneDrive folder for all the stuff you want to keep synced with the service, so you have to either completely shun the built-in organizational structure of Documents/Pictures/Music/Videos entirely, or keep a second local copy of everything you want backed up, and manually back them up regularly.

Or maybe I'm wrong, and there's a more effective method that they're just really shit at communicating.

Just in case you don't know: M$ checks your OneDrive Cloud for 'offensive material' - whatever that means in their book.

>.> one drive , god i hate all the crap that Microsoft trys to jam in with the $260 a year Microsoft word subscription

its pissing on us and calling it rain


as an Australian one drive is completely useless , our speeds arent much better than dialup.


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