Hulu Will Not Be Renewing Community

Hulu Will Not Be Renewing Community

Community Cast

Hulu will not be renewing the TV series Community after all.

More sad news in the quest for Community's #SixSeasonsAndAMovie.

Hulu was in talks with Sony about continuing the series after its cancelation was announced back in May. However, a source close to TV Line confirms that Hulu has decided to not move forward, leaving Community in limbo again.

But never fret, because "Sony does not give up easily." After all, they've been successful in keeping some of their other shows alive after negotiating deals with respective networks, like Damages and Drop Dead Diva.

Hulu is the second company we know about that has passed on renewing Community. When we were first informed of its cancelation, fans pleaded Netflix to take on the task of keeping it alive, like they did with Arrested Development. However, a representative for Netflix stated a pickup was not a possibility.

Source: IGN


It's probably for the best that the show ends. With Donald Glover and Chevy Chase gone there's no hope in Community being as good as it was. Chevy Chase was the stumbling frenemy that was a lightning rod for ridicule. Donald Glover's chemistry in the Troy and Abed couple being missing hurts the show too much.

they should just go pure webisode. that webisode with dean pelton testing out wigs with leonard was priceless

As awesome as this show was, there isn't much point anymore. The change of format in which everyone is now someone who has failed at achieving their goals, rather than being actual students sort of killed the mood, Chevy Chase going left one of funniest characters gone, and Donald Glover leaving means no more Troy and Abed - in the morning or otherwise. Basically by the fifth series it wasn't nearly as good, and they should have left it at series four.

Captcha: "face the music". Yes, Community, do that. Face the music and finish while you still have a modicum of dignity.

That's about all I can say; Community was one of my favorite shows.

It's already growing stale, just let the fucking show rip in peace before it goes full-on Dexter.

I should be sad, after the last two seasons I'm really not.

You know what, the latter seasons sucked... compared to the earlier ones.

But you know what, they were still better than most of what's on TV. :(

they should just go pure webisode. that webisode with dean pelton testing out wigs with leonard was priceless

I think that could really work with this series, especially if the kept the season short and maybe even cut down on the length of the episodes. Community has always been trying to push the boundaries on TV anyway, I think this move could really give them some freedom in the plot. It would also tick the sixth season box and set them up for a movie a ways down the road, completing what must come to pass.

It's for the best althought I don't know how they are going to end it since the reboot they are back to learn new stuff for years just like any other College or Uni. Maybe they will pulled a timeskipped like Enterprice did.

It's probably for the best. Seasons One and Two were pure comedy gold, streets ahead of any other tv show out there.
By the end of Season Three, the show was an entirely different beast. A great, magnificent beast, of course,but still completely different.
But when Season Four finally came along I didn't even bother looking it up. The show didn't compell me anymore, for some reason.

RIP, community. I'll be in my pillow fort.

It's probably best that the show dies while still in its prime so that it is remembered fondly. Otherwise it would have been milked to fucking death like HIMYM or The Big Bang Theory.

I wanna know, why? Why is it so hard to renew it? One season to give it it's proper ending? Is NBC threating your dog? Kids? It seems NBC is too busy sucking Any Poelers dick over her shitty Office rip off. Or Michael J Fox's "lol parkinsons are funny".

And BTW, why are people crying over Chevy Chase leaving? The man was a POS diva. Seriously, he was blacklisted from SNL. He's in the same group as Sinead O'Connor.


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