Snow White and the Huntsman Sequel May Minimize Snow White

Snow White and the Huntsman Sequel May Minimize Snow White

Kristen Stewart

A sequel may be in the works to Snow White and the Huntsman with Frank Darabont directing and Kristen Stewart's role reduced.

Snow White and the Huntsman was one of those movies that wasn't abjectly horrible but also didn't exactly light up the film world with its vision of a darker more heroic take on the story of Snow White. In fact, more than a few who saw it (myself included) thought it had the potential to be just fine if it hadn't been for actress Kristen Stewart who played the central character with all the passion and gusto of a moss-covered stone.

It would seem that Hollywood has caught onto that fact. According to recent reports, a sequel helmed by director Frank Darabont is currently in the works that would focus more closely on Chris Hemsworth's Huntsman while minimizing Stewart's Snow White, or even removing her altogether. If Stewart did return for a second film, it's been posited that she would only be the subject of a few brief scenes or even just a cameo. Charlize Theron, meanwhile, is expected to return to her role as the evil queen from the first movie.

While it might seem a tad odd to remove Snow White from a series that's literally supposed to be all about her, it's actually not that bad of a move when you really think it over. For one, Stewart arguably doesn't have the same star power she once did during the heyday of the Twilight films. Moreover, focusing in on Chris Hemsworth character (who was one of the best thing about the first flick any ways) makes a lot of sense from a marketing standpoint now that The Avengers has raised his popularity up a few notches. Granted, you could ask the question of who heck even asked for a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsmen, but that would be bringing logic into the situation and Hollywood generally only speaks in dollars, which the first film did a decent job of raking in.

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I think this is way less to do about Stewart and Hemsworth and more about making a movie about the evil queen. Can anybody say Maleficent? It's pretty obvious that this sequel is being made to ride off its success.

It's not a terribly bad idea, I liked Charlize Theron as the queen. The movie also has older demographic so maybe it could actually be a true villain movie, as opposed to PG rated Maleficent. Which was a nice sympathetic anti-hero, mother/daughter story that worked as a family movie.

Her not having the star power she once did, may take a backseat to her being an awful actress and creating scandal on the previous set by cheating on her twilight boyfriend by sleeping with the director (although of course both of them share equal blame here). It's a distinct possibility that while they don't want to kill the franchise, they really just don't want her around.

Then again, I have to say, I didn't see the films she's been in so I don't know why I don't like her, but I don't like her. She just strikes me as a very unlikable person. She's like the bizarro Jennifer Lawrence.

Wiat, wait, here's an idea. Why not just fucking replace her? I mean, seriously, I can't see this going down well, minimising the female lead in the current progressive social climate.

There's gotta be tons of young actresses looking for a break, and many of them better than her. Was this is a contract thing? Honestly, I'd question the sanity behind the project for hiring her in the first place. She's literally known for not acting as much as Nicholas Cage is known for over-acting.

Cutting the titular character from their own movie, yeah... thats a thing.

Just replace the main actor. Don't make a sequel film and say 'oh yeah but we're going to replace the protagonist of Snow White with a guy.'

That's destroying one of the cool elements of the film.

You know the sad fact. How long tell she goes off the deep end or appers in something like playboy to try and hold on to the spot light.

That said how much of an ego deflat would it be to basicly be side line in your own movie.

I got all the Snow White I need right here, thank you.

Because why bother trying to have a strong and developed female character when you can just cut her out altogether and replace her with a dude? Sound reasoning there Hollywood <_<

Eh, this has long been predicted.

Firstly, as mentioned, she had sex with someone that wasn't her co-star in Twilight, so she is s horrible person. I don't think they even were officially a couple or something at the time, just the fans wanted them to be. Oddly enough, this hasn't seemed to have been a big deal for, say, Kate Beckinsale, who also left her then boyfriend for someone directing her (in the first Underworld movie), who was married at the time. Apparently there was some slut shaming, but not nearly as much. So, I'm guessing this was Twilight fans not quite grasping that Stewart and RPatt aren't the people they play in the movies.

Secondly, also as mentioned, people are sick of all these films about women dominating Hollywood, and want to see some stuff about guys.

Its sexist, sexist I say !!! She is a woman and we need more blah blah blah.

Seriously though she is an awful actress and I seen the movie, Hemsworth and Theron were the real stars. I would be far more interested in watching this if I knew those two were the main leads reprising their roles and marginalising or removing Stewart. If they have a good plot that needs her character then they should re-cast her.

I have no idea where they would go with it based on the story of the first one, it was pretty clear cut villain is dead, the end. Only guess I have is a prequel story with Theron's queen but that would have a set ending and would probably suffer for it.

No matter what, Kristen Stewart was the only real problem with the first movie. Theron's queen was awesome and the rest of the cast was solid (though dwarfifying recognizable actors was off putting and weird).

Because why bother trying to have a strong and developed female character when you can just cut her out altogether and replace her with a dude? Sound reasoning there Hollywood <_<

Well yeah, but Snow White and The Huntsman had no strong or developed /characters/, Theron only made The Queen cool because she was chomping down the scenery. The film was a soulless, poorly written cash grab with terrible writing, awful pacing, and contrivences out the wazoo, all compounded by the fact Hemsworth clearly isn't interested, and KIRSTEN STEWART. A woman with even less facial expressions that Megan Fox, and even less interesting to watch. Steward is actually draining to watch, an apathetic void from which no emotion can escape its grasp.

Well maybe Stewart can screw the director of this one to get more face time in the movie j/k.

The first film must have made money because i found it to be meh worthy not sequel worthy.

I didn't hate the first movie... but I didn't exactly like it either.

Though two out of three of the leads were great (Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron), but the main character herself was SOOOO bland (and I HAVE seen Kristen Stewart pull off a good performance... just not recently).

There was a heckler in the audience who made the film much more entertaining though.

"For the love of god, close your stupid mouth!" (she rarely does)

Then there was the fits of laughter, from EVERYONE, when the mirror said Kristen Stewart was more beautiful than Charlize Theron.

A Snow White movie with less Snow White... Just call it "The Huntsman" and be done with it, eh?

Next time if you are going to cast a female actress as snow white, atleast dont cast a much more attractive actress to play the queen. I laughed when they tried to make out Kristen was more "fairer" than Theron. lol. Plus Theron as the queen was excellent, she showed alot of enjoyment in the character. Kristen just played Snow White the same way as she plays every character.....Terribly. Why does she keep getting acting jobs? Would prefer a sequel just about the evil queen.

Charlize Theron was the only interesting part of that movie, the Huntsman was a bore, and I think people are overly harsh on the actress playing Snow White herself due to anti-Twilight bias. Keeping in mind I had completely expunged Twilight from my brain by the time I saw this.

I think she's just getting replaced because she was screwing the director in the first movie...

I liked the first one, and removing the main character from the movie for whatever reason seems pretty fucking stupid. I did think it over. It still seems pretty fucking stupid. If people (or the director or what have you) has an issue with the actress herself... then get a different actress.

I think her role minimizing was because Stewart slept with the director during the first movie, his wife got pissed and nearly divorced him over it. I mean, I agree, she's not that great of an actress. Her career though really hit rock bottom after sleeping with that guy and they were reporting back then they would do a sequel without her to please the wife.

Kinda sad the director still has enough power and career to do another movie after cheating on his wife, but Stewart's career is completely ruined for sleeping with a married man.


Kinda sad the director still has enough power and career to do another movie after cheating on his wife, but Stewart's career is completely ruined for sleeping with a married man.

I'm not sure I'd call getting to directing a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman "Star power." Actually the first phrase that comes to my mind is "Desperate for a job," followed by "Not talented enough to get a better one," and capped with "Seriously, why would anyone want to make a sequel to the mess that was Snow White and the Huntsman?" That movie was awful, the plot made no sense, the characters were shallow and boring, everything about it was just... why would anyone willingly attach their name to a project like that if they had "star power?" Frankly, I just feel bad for anyone involved in this.

Also, maybe Stewart hasn't gotten any work because she's a poor actress who spent a few years coasting on her Twilight fame, which has since faded? I haven't seen Robert Pattinson in anything recently either, and the only non-Twilight movie starring Taylor Lautner was that one movie from, like, two years ago that looked like a rip-off of Bourne. Seems like all them were just bad to mediocre actors who had their fifteen minutes of fame, but are now getting buried beneath Hollywood's non-stop flood of teen idols. It's what happens to them, if they can't stand on their own acting merit.

I'll stick to Once Upon a Time for my badass Snow White fix, thanks.

Yeah, Stewart was awful in that movie. No, seriously- she was really, really, terrible. She gave her "We must risk our lives to throw off the yoke of tyranny" speech and I half-expected the rabble to respond "What the hell are you talking about?"

Maybe the Huntsman and Prince weren't over the moon, but Stewart's Snow White was actively bad.

I don't care about what Stewart does in her personal life, I don't care about Twilight, and I'm certainly not going to raise an eyebrow about removing a strong female character when the character in question is such a thin, poorly written and poorly acted portrayal; that's completely cart-before-the-horse. If the movie gets a sequel and less plot and emotional weight is on shoulders that can't carry it, that can only be a good thing.

Of course, didn't they strongly imply the evil queen was destroyed...?

Oh, well, never mind. I'm sure she'll emerge from Crystal Lake, or something...


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