Nissan Builds Real-Life Gran Turismo 6 Concept 2020 Vision GT Supercar

Nissan Builds Real-Life Gran Turismo 6 Concept 2020 Vision GT Supercar

The Concept 2020 Vision GT will be available for download in GT6 next month, and will influence Nissan performance cars in the coming years.

Gran Turismo 6 is where gearheads and gamers alike go to mess around with cars they might never be able to afford. From classics to Top Gear-inspired ridiculousness, GT6 has cars to cater to anyone interested in four wheels and a gearbox.

Even more interesting is how the Polyphony racer is influencing real-world car design. Take Nissan, who's experimental Concept 2020 Vision GT supercar is coming to GT6 next month. Earlier today, the company unveiled a real-life version of the car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

What started as a simple in-game car model blossomed into a company-wide endeavor for Nissan. Nissan Design Europe started the project, which eventually crossed over to the Japan-based Nissan Technical Center. The concept car was spearheaded by Taisuke Nakamura, from the european design team.

While the car's name implies a next-decade timeline for influence, the Concept 2020 Vision GT is seen by many as a window into the future of the GT-R supercar design. The next GT-R is expected in 2017, according to Auto Express, so the Vision GT could have a legitimate impact on Nissan's auto offerings sooner than expected.

Source: The Verge


Polyphony Digital Inc was hired to design the center console and displays for the 2009+ Nissan GT-R, so the two companies already have a close, working relationship.

Interesting how Mardenborough appeared to be using the external car view. Unless that was just a replay.

Dear Kaz,

Please devote all resources to finishing the new Course Maker and GPS companion app, which is far and away the number one reason I and the majority of GT6 players shelled out our money in the first place. Please get it done and rolled out before the end of summer, I have ideas for road courses that I have neither the time nor talent to build in 3DSMax and import as custom tracks into other racing games.

Thank you.


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