Cliff Bleszinski Announces Return to Video Game Development

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Eh, if he comes back it won't matter. It's hard to stay interested in a one trick pony. Once you have seen the trick enough times, it's completely uninteresting.

Of course, LL Cool J said "don't call it a comeback" because he hadn't gone anywhere. after all, his next line was "I've been here for years."

Cliffy is more like Ross Perot or, if that reference is too dated, Sarah Palin.

Nowhere Man:
And I care why? Why does this guy act like he's a rock star all the time? Also, I think Gears of War sucks.

Hey, if I were as fellated by the media as he was, I'd probably feel like a freaking GOD.

I'm not sure Blesinski is to blame for being full of himself.

ITT: Salt.

So. Much. Salt.

Come on, guys. Lighten up. It's an unretirement party, and you're all standing there muttering about how you don't like the drinks.

I think it's more people mittering about how they wish the guy who peed in the office coffee has come back.

I hope he's had time to mature as a person. He seems to have a lot of potential, but I'm still waiting for definitive evidence of that.

Just don't let him touch new UT, I don't care about the rest.

CliffyB 2: Shill Harder

Its funny he would come back now with all the debates about sexism in games and here comes cliffyB with his giant manslab characters running wild all over the videogamedom.

Just don't let him touch new UT, I don't care about the rest.

Oh fuck!

Totally forgot about that, lets hope he doesn't stick his dick into it.

Ahh who am I kidding, it's screwed.

Meh, didnt care that he was gone didnt care that he came back, was never interested in his games anyway.

the screenshots though, i got to say, the second one is so out of place that i may actually want to find out what the game is about (think: read a review).

I can see it now! His new game is going to be decent maybe even good but it will be full of microtransactions and DRM so people will complain and reviewers will give the game a lower score. Then CliffyB will ascend to twitter to look down on everyone and rant about how if anyone doesn't like DRM they are clearly pirates.

On a more serious note I played all 3 Gears of War games and genuinely liked them but Mr. Bleszinski is a huge prick and there is no getting around that.

So he's managed to get a jobs again. Good for Cliff, but we're good for men and guns, thanks.

Guy who helped design a cover based third person shooter series (and a pretty darn good one, too) returns to gaming.

The Escapist flips it's shit while pretending to not care, while also shitting on the series because of erm... reasons.

I am left without much to care about. Gears Judgment was fine without you Cliffy B so I couldn't care less if you're back.

I wasn't even aware he had left.. He is not that big a name, is he?

I think he just needed a break.
I assume that dealing with major publishers, shareholders, angry fans, deadlines etc. on a daily basis is enough to drive a person crazy, even if the money is great.
I mean, Dave Chapelle went to Africa for a few years to run away from that kind of stuff.

I think GoW is one of the better couch co-op game series on 360 so he could do some more of that, except maybe a new IP.
I always loved the "2 assholes go forward and kill everything that moves" game genre.

If he makes Jackrabbits of War... I might be interested. :D


People really do give Cliff too much shit, I've listened to him enough times on podcasts and whatnot to know he's a genuinely awesome dood. Glad to know he's got some cool stuff in the works again.

Also Gears 1 and 3 were freaking great. People always steriotyped the series as the poster child for doodbro shooters yet ironically they were more a parody of that than anything else.

He's pro DRM, anti PC gamer and just like Ubisoft considers all of us thrives who can't be trusted because a few dicks steal his games. Fuck him, I don't pay for a game to be treated like a criminal and have them stolen by the real criminals when they turn the servers off. He's a greedy selfish prick.

Don't forget that he also thinks that used games are ruining the industry.

OT: I'm not sure what I think of the guy. He's got some unpopular opinions, but there's also a lot of things that I agree with him on. Not sure what to say about those images, but I suspect that they might just be test images to test the engine he's using rather than an actual game. Well, he's back I guess, best of luck to him. Hopefully he manages to make something good.

Ah man I'm not happy this guy is coming back with a potential new IP because Gears was something I didn't like and he doesn't have the same opinions of me.

Come the fuck on guys, really?

Quick, tell me what he's working on. I need to convince everyone to buy a used copy and spam his twitter with a photo of the receipt or something. Maybe with "#our rights > your paycheck" on there too.


Sure, you may not like him but at the end of the day its another game coming out which could be amazing. We've really not seen enough to start lighting the torches and fetching the pitchforks yet.

When the fuck has that ever stopped the miserable bastards here? I've seen people here with more sympathy for fucking Phil Fish.

OT: I wanna see more of this. I don't care much for premise, story, or characters. If they're good, so be it. His gameplay design and polish is what interests me. The way the Gears games play is absolute perfection (as far as TPSs go).

It's one of those hard to describe things about action games - the "feel" of the entire thing. Gears is one of those rare games that nailed that feeling of extremely satisfying controls that rewarded your every move.

Couldn't care less about gears of war, never played them, never will.

But I absolutely hate everything the anti-consumer little shitstain stands for, so I'd rather see him become a footnote in videogame history than make a comeback.

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