You Can Now Explore South Park in Virtual Reality, or in Your Browser

You Can Now Explore South Park in Virtual Reality, or in Your Browser

South Park VR 310x

Don't forget to bring a towel!

You can now explore South Park in virtual reality, or just in your browser if you're sans-Oculus Rift.

A VR/3D rendition of your favorite quiet little mountain town just went live, and all that's required for admission is the Unity browser plugin. Once installed, you can walk around the town, interact with the townsfolk (by interact I mean they say popular character lines to you), and attempt to get high with Towelie.

Most of the buildings cannot be entered, except for the church, which...well, no spoilers, I suppose! Go peek your head inside.

Tool, the developer behind the VR environment, says the project took only a few weeks to finish, and the layout was inspired by South Park: The Stick of Truth. While there are some outlying parts of South Park missing in Tool's rendition, the downtown area is complete, and full of characters you'll instantly recognize.

Oculus Rift or not, take the 3D enviro for a spin and let us know what you think.

Source: Wired


I was hoping it would be something like Virtual Springfield, but no luck. The whole thing looks half finished too, about half the characters don't even have lines.

Meh... Southpark just doesnt translate to 3d.

Now, if they'd used some rendering trickery to make it look 2d while you moved around, that'd be cool.

Kinda neat idea, though its highly unpolished. I do like the whole church thing. Granted it is just a work intended to mess around with and not a full on immersive simulation. Kudos to these guys for their effort. I would have liked to have seen what it looked like using the Oculus Rift but I don't own one, and probably won't.

Wow! I hope they re-release the South Park game for the N64 on it... that would be great! Complete with misplaced 3d graphics and god-aweful animations... Oh, and that 3m draw distance that had you in more fog than Silent Hill! That was great!

Sarcasm Intended


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