Kinect v2 Priced at $200 for Windows, Coming July 15

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Pricing aside...

The Kinnect was a joke on xbox because there wasnt a lot to take advantage of it. On PC I expect it to be much much more successful. Noted all the PC gamers here rolling their eyes at having it come there way, but here's the catch: I dont expect it to be more successful with gamers. I expect it to be more successful on the platform, with tinkerers, app users, and people looking to see what they can do next with the system.

SO yeah, Im sure this specific gaming orientated forum will laugh it up, but I really do think there will be a market for this on the PC. If the price comes down.

I can see this as a good move, in time with windows I'm guessing it will have full kinect support and there will be some games that is will be useful with. I would consider it in time, my wife loves kinect for the dancing games and such. Perhaps we'll start to get some good indie titles that work with kinect and it improve greatly in time.

What the hell is the point if you can't control Windows with it? So Microsoft creates an advanced multi-purpose motion sensing and voice input device, and it can't do things in Windows.../facepalm

Removing the Kinect makes the XBox1 cost $100 less, but the peripheral on it's own costs £200 for PC? How does that work exactly?

It's called "Microsoft still thinks you're stupid". The whole Xbone thing didn't teach them you aren't stupid, because the message they seemed to have learned is "People want it, but we didn't package it well enough".

It's the problem with believing your own marketing. The problem isn't that the product sucks or isn't worth the price, it's that they aren't selling it the right way.

You know, putting their hardware and making it more compatible with other devices is a very good thing. Kinect hacks have produced some very cool things for cheap costs. Officially putting it out there with an SDK will really enable the device to show it's full potential. This should have happened with the kinects release. I'm glad to see they are making their products more accessible for a change.

Twice as much for a product not designed to work with the operating system as one that does?

...Maybe this is a different Kinect. It would make a certain amount of sense, for example, if the PC Kinect worked from much shorter distances, rather than the infamous six-to-eight-feet they've been expecting from console owners.

Maybe it will work with Windows 9.


Yeah, maybe. Tell yeh, Mikey, I think we'd much rather Windows 9 give us the goddamn Start menu back than support for a half-assed mouse substitute.

Ok, i seriuosly dont get it. They take a tech that they want to sell for 200 off 500 product and sell that product for 400 - thats 100 dollars price INCREASE. then they take that 200 dollar product, and try to sell it to the market that can have the same product for 50 dollars for 99% of uses.

Its like they are overpricing everything.

Oh, wait, its microsoft. they are.

I... uhh... Microsoft, please look up the definition of "insanity."

There's a game which already did that and was published on Microsoft published systems:

Hope it will get some expational things out of it. I mean the hacked predecessor had some cool stuff.

or 3d through head-tracking.

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