Game of Thrones Wine Coming Soon

Game of Thrones Wine Coming Soon

Wines of Westeros

A fan-made project by Common Ventures will bring "The Wines of Westeros," which is based on Game of Thrones.

Ever wanted to drink like you're in Westeros and preparing to take over the Iron Throne? While being able to rule the Seven Kingdoms won't be happening in this lifetime, you can at least drink with wines themed to HBO's Game of Thrones. Called "The Wines of Westeros," it's a fan-made (unofficial) project made by Common Ventures, which will house 12 different wines based on the show's houses. Set for release to coincide with Game of Thrones' fifth season, the Australian winemaker will offer sauvignon blanc for House Stark, a pinot noir for House Baratheon and House Lannister, a shiraz for House Targaryen, sauvignon blanc for House Greyjoy, a merlot for the Dothraki, and a chardonnay for House Tyrell. Each bottle will be at a manageable $20, and is available for pre-order now.

This is not the first -- and last -- time Game of Thrones was used as inspiration for a product; just a week ago, we posted what the World Cup uniforms would look like if it was based on Game of Thrones' houses. For the latest news regarding the TV series, Jon Snow actor, Kit Harington, recently revealed that he's been ordered by the Game of Thrones bosses to "stay pale."

Anyone planning on taking a sip of Westeros? Or are you very cautious of it given it's just capitalizing on the HBO series' name to attract potential buyers?

Source: The Wines of Westeros via IGN


So which one will have the poison? Cause I am "not" looking for a Joffrey style death.

I saw this at my local liquor store.

although wine would taste better.

I'd say cash-in.

Really no other reason to plaster GoT logos all over a wine of all things.

If they'd actually spend some real time researching these things and given them genuine names like Arbor Gold and Dornish Red, using grapes from regions that actually resemble said fictional countries, I could be convinced that this was from an actual fan combining his love for wines with his love for a Song of Ice and Fire.

But this is much too obviously a cheap cash-in.


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