Google Drive Update should be a Hit with Photo Buffs

Google Drive Update should be a Hit with Photo Buffs

New Interface is less about text, all about icons and photography.

Google Drive is a great option for anyone who needs space in the cloud. But there is plenty of competition from the likes of Dropbox, iCloud, and OneDrive, especially when it comes to photo management.

Thankfully, Google is pushing out an update to Drive that should appeal to the shutter bug in you. The update is a gradual rollout -- I personally don't have access to the UI change yet -- and the above video details all the incoming changes.

The update takes the UI away from lists and text, and changes the app focus into an all-you-can-preview buffet. Lists of documents and files will soon be preview tiles by default (a setting you can undoubtedly change), and the sidebars are being simplified. On the left side, a "Create" button will handle all new file creation and file/folder uploading. The right side focuses on Google+ activity -- something to ignore, except when you want to share files with a friend or co-worker.

The organizational toolset is also getting a boost, with integrated drag-and-drop being integrated with the update. Dragging a dozen or so photos into a folder should make for a more fluid experience than endless box-checking.

The update is also being pushed to smartphones and tablets, although it's not yet available to me on my HTC One m8.

If you're able to download the update, post up about the changes in the thread. If not, it sounds like the changes are rolling out over this week and next.

Source: Google on YouTube


This is the first of many G Service updates that will bring them all in line with Google's new Quantum Paper initiative.

Yes, yesss put it alll in the cloud! said the NSA in a glee filled cackle as they eagerly wrung their palms in wanton anticipation.

This is the third time I read something about Google Drive, the first two were Google trying to pushing it on my Gmail account and me just pushing the mouse button furiously cuz the propmt just wouldn't close.

Ah, yes, make it like skydrive - horrible UI. why do they think anyone ever want to not actually be able to see the file info of their cloud? why do i need a quarter of screen sized excel icon? especially when it tries to open it with google docs and wrecks it beyond belief. So what, dropbox is the only cloud that still has normal UI now?


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