EA: Dungeon Keeper Failed by "Innovating Too Much"

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I think EA live very much in there own little world a lot of the time.

Oh my word this is fucking hysterical! What, did Ubisoft fire their PR man and EA took him on? Because there cannot possibly be two people on earth who are this laughably thick. They can't genuinely believe this right? All the funnier if they do.

"[W]hen you bring in a group of suckers to Dungeon Keeper and you swindle them, create a live scam, a hostile relationship and a farce, you just can't pull the rug out from under the cash flow. That's just not fair to our profits."

That makes a lot more sense than what Google gave me when I tried to translate from EA to English:

"I hope ... a lot of good guys in this post is not appropriate to try other things, I think that the guy who invented it, or they were talking about it, I really am, the airport has not yet come, or we do not think , guards. "

We're running out of laughing gifs to launch at you, EA.

While Dungeon Keeper ended up killing veteran developer Mythic, EA will still maintain the game because of its commitment to players. As Gibeau said, "[W]hen you bring in a group of people to Dungeon Keeper and you serve them, create a live service, a relationship and a connection, you just can't pull the rug out from under them. That's just not fair.

This is like saying "when you take someone prisoner and replace their food with heroin, it's considered rude to give them withdrawal straight away."

... I-I can't belie- actually I can believe this, and that's the worst part. Yeah it's always shocking to see stupid people say stupid things, but nowadays this kind of shit coming from EA is about as surprising as the sunset, and that in and of itself is the saddest commentary on the completely abysmal state of the game industry.

EA shouldn't talk about innovation when the games of theirs I like the most are ripoffs of other, better games.

How the hell has Frank Gibeau managed to keep his job? Think of your top 5 dumbass EA quotes over the past few years. Bet'cha Frank said at least three of them.


You know how gamers reacted to the xeroxed ending of ME3 by sending cupcakes, can we send dictionaries to EA with the word 'innovation' highlighted?

Innovative? Isn't it a clone of dozens of other similar mobile games?

Come on EA, you got a new CEO and made some good not shit decisions recently, don't fall back in to old habits.

If by "innovation", you mean "forcefully pin our customers to the ground and beat them until they drop all their money", then yes, EA, you did "innovate" too much.

I'm confused - how exactly is a blatantly cash grabbing F2P game innovation in the era dominated by Candy Crush? At least with The Simpsons: Tapped Out it was all done tounge in cheek with plenty of jokes about the sheer absurdity of some of the mechanisms in free to play mobile "games"(I prefer to call them waiting simulators) literally from the moment you start the game

After this it proceeds to use the same mechanisms but it does so with a fairly obvious irony.

You can't use the same defense for the Dungeon Keeper mobile waiting simulator though. That is done with a straight face throughout with no humor whatsoever.

As for the "innovation" line...

... He is correct... if EA's vision of the future is correct.
Aren't you all just looking forward to the just grand mobile dominance.

With every statement they make about this game they keep wedging their foot further up their mouth, quit while you're not ahead EA ffs.


... You know EA, if you would stop talking, people would still hate you but at least you wouldn't be giving everyone more ammo.

E.A. is not this stupid, there is some calculated method to the madness. They are distracting us from something bigger, something heinous, insidious, foul, smelly. What are they planning?!

Is there some kind of inside competition between Ubisoft and EA this year to see who can be the biggest dipstick? Well if anything, I don't expect this guy to keep his job, but he didn't say it over twitter though, damn.

2014: The PR Pandemic. Claimed the lives of thousands, as they laughed themselves breathless fathoming they could do better jobs than people that are actually paid to do PR.

Ultimately though this is the game idea that made EA suits weak at the knees, the perfect whale bait, they were gonna be rich, RICH I tell ya! If this is the 'innovation' they want for all games, consider me along for that EA boycott bandwagon.

Yeah...innovated too much. *That's* the reason for Dungeon Keeper being dross. It wasn't a farcical, pathetic, anti-consumer product with restrictions at every turn, which alienated any lingering fans of the franchise and which stomped the brand's name and developer's reputation into the dirt. No, it was too innovative...

The tragedy is that it's fools like this that are leading the game industry. The blind leading the blind. The question a game publisher should be asking, "Is it a fun game?" has instead been replaced with "How has it been monetised?".

Are Ubisoft and EA just have a huge who can face palm fail the hardest fight?

I mean really EA? Really?


Oh EA, of course you can sustain the dungeon Keeper model for a long time. Doesn't mean you should.
The only reason Dungeon Keeper still makes money (and that is ALL EA cares about) is because its cash grabs are so shameless and frequent that there is no way it COULDN'T make money. I will admit, I find what EA is doing kind of genius, but it's not genius in the same way as Nikola Tesla, it's genius in the same way that cutting a dog open while its still alive to find out how the respiratory system works. It's smart, and gets results but it's highly amoral and only gets results because with the scenario you're in the only thing that can happen IS results, regardless of how undesirable they are.
EA, I would actually respect you more if you just flat out said "We don't give a fuck about what you think, you're stupid cattle who buy our games and that keeps us afloat. So thank you, you dumb shits!" because then at least they would be honest.
This is why retro gaming is becoming popular again, because back then they didn't abuse you NEARLY as much. I think its fair to say that when an entertainment medium first starts out and only has niche appeal then they HAVE to have high quality so that they can be noticed. If the gaming industry was like it is today in 1984 then gaming would still be restricted to only nerds that can speak Klingon better than an actual fuckin' Klingon and can recite pi to 1000 places. I hope the industry has a crash and becomes discredited just so that we can go back to making good games in order to make gaming something WORTHWHILE.
I'd say TL,DR but only illiterate hicks can't read. And you know what?
Maybe that's what EA wants.

So EA apologizes for the game where you basically just pay them money as the only game mechanic, and then has the balls to come out and say it's innovative and that we weren't ready?

Yeah EA, I wasn't ready to be fucked in the ass for money every time I play a game. And if you think that is going to change any time soon, think again.

Geeze, I didn't realize EA was that disappointed by not three-peating the Golden Poo award. Looks like they're more than ready to try for their golden poo this year.

Anyway, I thought the problem with Dungeon Keeper Mobile was that it wasn't an actual game.

At this point, it's likely best if EA just stops talking about Dungeon Keeper all together and moves on.

I think it'd be best if EA just stops talking PERIOD.

well, i guess when you have zero dignity left, might as well go all the way

Innovated too much?

Yeah sure... b and a dog turd on a pizza is also an innovation. This is classic business speak. Trying to make it sound like your failure is because you did the job too well.

It's like you know where the article is going to go, but you just have to click and read it anyway. One page of reading and 95 posts later, and I can say I was happily right.

Lest anybody forgets, Frank Gibeau is also the man who claimed that Simcity is an MMO. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/122939-EA-Exec-Claims-DRM-Is-a-Failed-Dead-End-Strategy

It's nice to have a larf at silly old EA but his comments and the comments of the COO Peter "shut up and take it" Moore paint a disturbing picture of how EA actually thinks.

"Innovation" is not used in the way we use it. Firstly the problem everyone has pointed out "Different/changed* =/= "Innovation", it just doesn't. The term "innovation" is used purely on the business side of games. Some people have remarked that they changed too much about the core game, even it's genre. But the problem for EA is "Mobile" is not a genre, it is a platform and freemium isn't a genre, it is a business model.

So how did dungeon keeper, as a game, innovate? Well it didn't. In terms of being a management game it actively regressed a very long way. The game did the opposite of innovation: simplified systems, padded content, lesser options, massively lesser complexity and scope. You can't argue it was a 'technical limitation' of mobile platforms because the original game is from 1995. The game simply got objectively worse. But they still see themselves as innovators.

This was the disturbing thing about what Moore said too; never once did he mention game-mechanics, story, or any kind of game related aspect. All he talked about was MARKETING. So, to EA, the actual content of a game in incidental. The metrics by which they judge innovation are actually just "Different business approach". That is something very far removed from "Game innovation". Ultimately the merits of a game don't matter to them, they are seemingly lost the ability to know what actually makes a 'good game' and not just a 'beneficial business model for them'.

If you replace the word "Innovation" with "Changed the business model" and see if these comments make more sense. In freemium games the business model invades the game, it defines the game. Everything becomes about money. You the 'game' part of the game with the marketing part of the game. To EA the game is incidental; it is merely a barrier between them and your money.


At this point, it's likely best if EA just stops talking about Dungeon Keeper all together and moves on.

I think it'd be best if EA just stops talking PERIOD.

Business talk aside, sometimes, I like to think they say such monumentally stupid things on purpose in lieu of silence because something compels them.

Like the last tiny shrivel of humanity they have left has just enough pull to make them open their mouth and say ANYTHING, no matter how arrogant or stupid, just to let the rest of humanity know what goes on inside the soulless hollow shell it's trapped in.

Action through desperation.

Well good thing I found the perfect .gif today to post as a responce.

EA, never stop being so hilariously bad even if it's just for consumers enjoyment though I'm happy that I boycot these guys.

Well since laughing gifs are getting old, I'll post something else that gets the point across!

Yeah that will do!

Christ, this is one of the silliest things EA have ever said and they have said a lot of silly ass things, I guess forcing you to rate the game 5 stars is innovative...

Zachary Amaranth:
Is there anyone, anywhere, who believes this one bit? Anyone at all?

And just when will we be "ready" to be nickel and dimed to death?

I do, and it's just as you said. EA is trying to shape consumers to be barfing wallets, and we just aren't ready for that yet. What it innovated was the ways a game can monetize its customers, and in that respect, it was too innovative.

I shudder to think that they might be right in thinking that way, because people are buying their shit, or they would have been bankrupt years ago.

I cannot believe nobody has used this yet


or this

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIgfiSzCy1o (embed codes don't seem to work for me, maybe I'm doing it wrong)

both are applicable, seriously the only way this makes sense is if EA is taking "no publicity is bad publicity" to it's logical conclusion, either that or Frank Gibeau is really sick of his job but has an aversion to quitting

I love EA. They're always inventing new meanings for things we never considered before. DRM? No! It's an MMO! Too many microtransactions preventing you from playing the game? No! That's just INNOVATION that you can't handle! Do you even innovation, bro?

Seriously, can someone go over to EA, head into the PR department office, find the guy in charge and then slam his head through a fucking mahogany desk until it knocks sense into them or they die? And then cue up Ubisoft for the next time they stick a foot in their mouth too.

You know what, EA? Carry on with all that talk. I want to see how deep you can dig yourselves.

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