BioShock Art Video: A Reminder of Rapture's Evolution

BioShock Art Video: A Reminder of Rapture's Evolution

Olivier Leclair, would-be game director, can really put on a show.

"I wish to become a game director," says Olivier Leclair, "Just as Ash dreamt to become a Pokémon master." With that he unveils his latest project: a side-by-side comparison of BioShock's concept art, and the end result. Take a trip dans la mer and remember what it was like when first you met Splicers, encountered a Big Daddy, and danced the last dance on New Year's, before everything went to Hell.

It's also a reminder how the concept changed over time. Personally I can't imagine a Big Daddy any other way than in the final form, a hallucinogenic version of something Hergé, Jules Verne and Stephen King might have cooked up together; but there are plenty of other ways Daddy could have gone. Or the Splicers, or the Little Sisters, or indeed Rapture itself.

If you want more - and you're a fan of Pokémon, Zelda, Journey or Shadow of the Colossus - head over to Leclair's Tumblr, and his YouTube channel.


So... this is a fan video or was he involved in the making of Bioshock?

Good enough video and the audio choice was great, but article-writer is taking something of a liberty trying to describe it as a 'side-by-side comparison'... Interesting to see how the little sisters underwent some of the most drastic changes, I'm guessing for empathy-building reasons.

This makes me want to go back to the original Bioshock for a while, I remember it rather fondly.....

Those floating bodies really would have added to the horror! They shoulda kept them in!


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