A Quest for a Lost Sonic Level and A Serious Conversation About Mountain

A Quest for a Lost Sonic Level and A Serious Conversation About Mountain

Hidden Palace Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Hello, Escapist readers! As part of our partnership with curation website Critical Distance, we'll be bringing you a weekly digest of the coolest games criticism, analysis and commentary from around the web. Let's hit it!

First of all, a game called Mountain recently came out, and it's surprisingly controversial for a modestly interactive, $1 mountain simulator. As writers discuss the game, Michael McMaster takes the conversation in an interesting direction with his essay on Medium titled "On Formalism":

Games are expected ideally to be fun/digestible/gratifying, but if that's not possible then they should at least be meaningful (i.e. if I can't play it like a game, I should at least be able to read it like a book).

Brendan Keogh uses McMaster's post to understand his own feelings on Mountain. Meanwhile, Austin C Howe gives a short but sweet two-part rebuttal to one of McMaster's headier claims: On Mountain and On Text Vs Form.

Switching gears a bit, over on Kotaku the illustrious Aevee Bee writes a great primer on the fighting game tournament EVO 2014, which went down this past weekend. In a similar vein, Robert Yang talks about communication through code in a "post-mod culture."

Finally, if you want some more joy in your life, Heidi Kemps's journey to find the secret origins of a lost Sonic the Hedgehog level at The Atlantic is an incredible read.

Want more? Be sure to swing over to Critical Distance to have your fill!



Ah the infamous first Hidden Palace Zone.

I was around on websites looking for information on the cracked beta sonic2 rom. Lots of really interesting stuff, especially if you're into looking at how early console games in the late 80's and 90's were made.

I had no idea the attention of it had been brought to Yuji Naka though, that's really cool.

I love how McMaster just straight-up defends the value of watching ice melt.


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