Amazon's "Kindle Unlimited" is All You Can Read eBooks for $9.99 per Month - Update

Amazon's "Kindle Unlimited" is All You Can Read eBooks for $9.99 per Month - Update

Amazon Kindle Unlimited 310x

The Netflix-like $9.99 per month service is in the testing phase.

Update: The Kindle Unlimited program is now live, and officially official. You can find the Amazon page here, and there's a 30-day free trial for any interested parties.

As previously reported, over 600,000 books are on tap, as are "thousands" of audiobooks. You'll be able to switch between overlapping titles via Whispersync, too.

Original Story: Reports are coming in that Amazon is currently testing a new subscription method for its Kindle eBook ecosystem. Kindle Unlimited (Google Cache link) is currently in testing, and it offers participants a never-ending buffet of eBooks for $9.99 per month.

At the onset, Kindle Unlimited will offer its users access to over 600,000 titles. None of the "Big Six" English book publishers (Random House, Hachette, Macmillan, Penguin, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster) appear to be included in the offer.

While Amazon would certainly be the biggest company to offer such a subscription plan, it would not be the first. As Gigaom points out, Oyster and Scribd both offer similar plans, and have inked deals with some of the above-referenced mega publishers. However, it appears as though Amazon will be including several thousands audiobooks with its service, something not offered by the competition.

It could be some time before Amazon lines up the bigger book publishers for this kind of service. With its ongoing war against Hachette, this kind of subscription could be filed under "wait and see" for some time.

Source: Gigaom,


Put the warhammer francise on there, and ill sign up.

Doubtful though.
Those books are too expensive

Put the big US manga publishers in there and I'll run, not walk, to buy a kindle.

Not a bad idea. Especially if you read a lot.
I like owning my book tho', since I re-read my favorite titles often.

I'd love it but I'm betting there are very few books I want to read included among them. With only 600,000 I doubt it even includes much self published authors. Thats just so few books.

Hm. I bet it's better than Marvel's program (Marvel Unlimited). If they could get DC on board I would definitely sign up for this service. If they could get Marvel on board I would also cancel my Marvel Unlimited subscription for it. Seriously, Marvel Unlimited has an awesome selection, but the program itself is pretty much trash.

Why am I suspecting that authors are getting royally @#$%ed by this deal?

"Hey, Joe, it's your agent here. First, the good news: millions of people are going to be reading your book..."

So long as you don't mind reading only the books that Amazon wants you to read (which excludes any gay/lesbian fiction), I suppose this is a good deal...


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