Crytek Lead Programmer Joins id's Doom Team

Crytek Lead Programmer Joins id's Doom Team

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Crytek's Lead Research and Development Graphics Engineer Tiago Sousa has left the company to work on id's upcoming Doom reboot.

Tiago Sousa, Crytek's Lead Research and Development Graphics Engineer, has just announced via Twitter that he will be leaving the company in favor of Bethesda Softworks child company id Software, to work on its upcoming Doom reboot. "Happy to announce i'll be helping the amazingly talented id Software team with Doom and idTech 6," said Sousa.

According to Sousa's Linkedin profile, he had been with Crytek for over a decade, working as a graphics programmer and engineer on the company's own CryEngine. He also worked on some of the company's most well-known games, such as the first Far Cry, Crysis, Ryse: Son of Rome and other "undisclosed multiplatform projects."

It's unknown if he had any role in the studio's upcoming Homefront sequel: Homefront: The Revolution.

The news comes amidst multiple unconfirmed reports that Crytek is facing some pretty daunting financial troubles, at least at its UK office. Last we heard, Homefront: The Revolution's game designer Hasit Zala had resigned from his position.

Crytek refuted bankruptcy rumors back in June, but has remained very tight-lipped since then.

Source: Gamespot


He does seem to fit into a hole that John Carmack's departure from id Software left.

"Excuse me while I go take a paying job." - Sousa

Hope it works out well. Sad to see CryTek circling the drain, but it's getting harder and harder to deny.

Heh nobody can figure out how the heck did Carmack do it right? Well, if anyone can come at least kinda close, it's someone from the Far Cry and Crysis company.

BTW: Combination of Doom or Quake and Far Cry. Hm. Doesn't ZeniMax want to buy Crytek?

Sgt. Sykes:
Heh nobody can figure out how the heck did Carmack do it right?

Carmack seems to have an intuitive understanding of computer programing like nobody else. He is pretty much a walking computer nowadays with all the knowledge he possesses. This guy may be good, but I doubt that anyone can truly replace Carmack.

Let's hear it for Doom! Wait...that doesn't sound right.


Can't beat the classics.

my post here would basically echo both Senkus and Adam Jensen.

it seems to be a quite obvious "swoop" for "a Carmack replacement"...that said i suspect even Mr Sousa himself might have some serious misgivings about that in private...

within the's arguably like seeking to replace Jesus with a random Priest...

...maybe a Bishop if i was feeling generous...

and ZeniMax will be standing there all the while taping their foot going "come us some new miracles"...

i'm sure Mr Sousa knows his way around a compiler but Carmack was in all honest probably THE prime physical asset at id...ZeniMax made some very clear statements about what they intended to do at id when they bought it (for "the markets" to digest) and all basically revolved around the leveraging of ids famous game engine development "Carmack" basically...for profit...and apparently this didn't sit very well with John...who's up until now has rather famously basically given all his engines and "secrets"/"inventions" away for the greater good...

when he left...that whole business plan actually fell apart...

now this.

all seems fairly straightforward really.

but if we're going to be honest with ourselves is "id is not id" anymore now really.

its just another hollowed our "name", owned by a large publisher, leveraging IPs

that doesn't necessarily mean their output is gonna be shit however.

but any latent "id reverence" or even "fanboyism" [1] should really kinda be wiped at this point...

[1] and personally i have no problem admitting i'm probably "a Carmack fanboy".

Well I hope this doesn't turn out to be too short term as there are already rumors that Zenimax may have spent way too much making ESO and with a peak of less than 750,000 subscribers and rapidly falling there immediate future could be just as bad as Crytek's.

Oh damn.

I expect Doom's system requirements may take an unexpected bound skyward. (yay :D)


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