Steampunk Teddy Roosevelt?! SDCC Cosplay Gallery 1

Steampunk Teddy Roosevelt?! SDCC Cosplay Gallery 1

Check out some of the best cosplay from the first day of SDCC!

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If I was to have a guess, I'd say that the gentleman in image #25 is meant to be Cecil Gershwin Palmer from the hit pod-cast, Welcome To Night Vale.

All conventions are now required by law to include at least 10% Attack on Titan Cosplay.

Heheh, pretty much. Wouldn't be quite as bad if all the characters (minus titans) weren't basically the same thing with a different wig.

Also, #25 is Sailor Mercury, not Sailor Moon

...wait, did someone cosplay as Richard from the Looking For Group comic?

At first glace I thought the title was "Steampunk Teddy Ruxpin".

Gallery could not live up to expectations.

The last one is clearly Sailor Mercury, geez.

#12 is Carter from Halo Reach, by the way.


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