Extended SDCC Look at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Extended SDCC Look at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

New TMNT footage shows that these new turtles are as badass as ever.

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Still not interested.

The change in iconic look for the Turtles and with Megan "my talent is literally skin deep" Fox, I cannot think of a part of this movie I care about.

I hold great reservations for this movie, but I'll wait and see what reviews have to say before I decide to see it, or if I just rent it. I still have no idea how Megan Fox was cast as April. She horrible...in everything.

I don't care for Megan Fox as April, especially since she sounds nothing like the usual confident and strong April but ignoring that I think they have pulled the rest of the movie off well. I will just have to wait and see how much screen time is wasted on Fox instead of the turtles.

Here's my question, something that may not have an answer until after the film is out. But how much screen time do the turtles get? Because if Megan Fox has more screen time than the title characters, they have fucked up.

I'm sorry but who else is sick and tired of that sound effect, in Michael Bay trailers?:

Still don't like Megan Fox and I still don't like Don's stupid "You can recognize that I'm a nerd because I have these taped glasses" design. But I'm a little less full of hate for this. A little. Still not going to go see it in theaters unless someone I trust says it's worth it, but I may rent it eventually. Or just wait for it to come on TV.

Well no need to watch the movie now, they put all the best parts in the trailer.


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