How Marvel's Agent Carter Might Cover Decades Of History

How Marvel's Agent Carter Might Cover Decades Of History

If the show's a hit, it could mean we'll get a hell of a lot more - narratively speaking - of Peggy Carter to love.

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It will be a flop if it skips around with no set narrative and jumping around through decades. The show has to appeal to more than fans of the comics and skipping about won't do it.

The revelation "that they're also tossed around the possibility of introducing plot points in Agent Carter that pay off later on Agents of SHIELD" is not really a surprise at all.

My theory on this show has always been that it will act as the "answer" to some mystery that AoS will be investigating. They play it out all the way up to the mid-season cliffhanger of AoS and end on a "hey we just found this central stockpile of information that that answers the riddle..." and the camera zooms on a file marked as written by Carter, or they roll a piece of vintage film acting as a log entry by Carter, or something along those lines.

Carter runs... tells a full story, leave some questions unanswered that tie heavily to the AoS plot and when AoS return, fans have a good idea where they might be going next.

I would also not be at all surprised if a younger version of Lucy Lawless's character will be somehow relevant to the Agent Carter series. "Let me tell you about this thing that happened when I was younger..." sort of thing.

If I'm wrong about the method, they still have endless ways to accomplish the same objective.

i have a really good feeling about this show.

a war/post war superheros/x-files/spy type deal with undoubtedly "super nazi" bad guys running around and "boffins" and weird "artefacts" and all that ?

i think that's a awesome premise...and more than that but one that could actually be done justice and have more freedom than agents of shield to stretch its legs.


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