Telltale Confirms The Walking Dead Season 3

Telltale Confirms The Walking Dead Season 3

There will be a season 3 of The Walking Dead, confirmed its developer.

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Not entirely unsurprising, but welcome.

Cool, but I hope a second season of The Wolf Among Us will also happen. It's the better series to me.

Cool, first 2 seasons have been fantastic (though Season 2 has yet to conclude, its likely to be good) and I would definitely be happy to play more.

Now I just have to find time to get started on Wolf Among Us, looks good from what I have seen so far...

"Season 2, while not having quite as big an impact, has still been pretty top notch, so here's hoping the quality of the game does not dilute any further with the third season."
I feel like Season 2 is a little more impacting than Season 1, which obviously not as original. Characters still made tough decisions and faced their fears. Villains still made serious threats of murder, though the villain in Season 2 is far more despicable. Protagonists still had heart-wrenching moments of pain and/or exhaustion, though Season 2 made you act through the pain.

Is a Season 3 necessary? No. But hey, the series hasn't really gotten stale yet - at least, not as much as The Wolf Among Us.

Why would they use a massive spoiler as marketing?

Assuming Clementine survives the end of Season 2 I would like to see her return for Season 3... hopefully not in the same capacity as...

But I would accept them approaching it from a new character, as long as said character is as great as Lee and Clementine have been.

I do hope we're not playing as Clementine for Series 3. I feel like her character arc is ending plus the writers could do with a fresh start. I've been disappointed by Series 2 for a number of reasons (not fleshing out characters, assuming we'll like characters, choices not mattering as much) and most of the problems I've had are due to writing and pacing of the episodes. The Wolf Among us has suffered too but the same extent. A new character and a fresh start would help I think. It depends if they can finish the character arc for Clementine.

I hope enough (or any) characters survive the 2nd season...

My level of enthusiasm depends a lot on how much deeper the darkness induced apathy of season 2 becomes. XD I'm enjoying the games well enough, I was even a stalwart supporter of season 2, but after episode 4

I'm kinda just hanging on to the end of season 2 out of macabre fascination and interest in Kenny's byronic descent into madness. I don't mind unhappy endings or dark stories, but you have to give your characters/audience SOMETHING, man. XDD

Yeah... I was expecting this.

Now the game begins of who will be left to tell the next story?

Hmmmm.... Not sure how I feel about this.

I mean, I like the Walking Dead, but Season 2 is starting to get really lazy; the last episode was particularly bad in terms of letting me feel like I have a choice which matters. It will depend on how the last episode goes.

That said, I think I won't be pre-ordering Season 3, but waiting for the box set. I'm starting to not like the episodic way of releasing games, partly because Telltale can't stick to their own schedule and don't give any real warning of when the next episode comes out, and I don't have time to keep checking for it.

I'm suspecting it is Arvo, but we'll see.

Yeah... I was expecting this.

Now the game begins of who will be left to tell the next story?

So i doubt Jane will be the main character


Okay, to address this really quick,

OT: Unsurprising, considering how well this whole series has been taking off, and I'm okay with it.


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