Director George Miller Shows Off New Mad Max: Fury Road Footage

The movie, Miller explains, is essentially one huge car chase

That's nice and all, and a huge part of the series, but I hope it's not just that. There was always a significant story driven backbone to the series, rumors of places far away that are worth risking your life to reach. That's mostly what stuck with me when I was watching the movies as a pre-teen at hours when I absolutely should have been in bed. When I bought the first Fallout game I was ecstatic to see that I wasn't the only one, since the developers obviously drew a huge amount of inspiration from the movies. I hope they don't neglect that.

I'm in love with the tagline of this poster:


Booo on you for taunting us with 'Oh, you should have been here you measly little peons who could not come out for the preview we all got to see here at SDCC. It was awesome and so damn awesome that I can't really describe it right but it was incredibly awesome. Here is some mediocre posters to hold you over. By the way, it was awesome."

Pretentious tripe to say that we will like it... no, LOVE IT... without actually being able to back up the statement with actual footage.

May have been filmed in Namibia and South Africa but it was an Australian production, they took 800 people over from Australia to work on it.


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