Batman v Superman Proves to be Most Popular Film of Comic-Con

Batman v Superman Proves to be Most Popular Film of Comic-Con

SDCC Interactions

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was the most talked about film on social media at the San Diego Comic-Con, according to two research firms.

Warner Bros. can take comfort in the fact that it has managed to beat Marvel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con -- at least when it comes to Twitter. According to research firms Way to Blue and Mashwork, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was the most talked about film throughout the event, with around 73 percent of all emotional reactions from the film's first trailer coining it as "amazing," Mashwork notes. Meanwhile, the reveal of Gal Gadot garbed in Wonder Woman attire was one of the biggest moments on Twitter, with the official photo being retweeted over 7,000 times.

The first teaser for Batman v Superman where it shows Batman (Ben Affleck) lighting up the Bat signal and seeing Superman (Henry Cavill) hovering with red eyes, received 248,960 mentions and 24,550 (10 percent) intent-to-view mentions over the span of Comic-Con, states Way to Blue. It wasn't just Batman v Superman that proved successful for Warner Bros., as it also scored big with Mad Max: Fury Road with the highest portion of its conversation by people calling it "crazy" and "insane. The Hobbit also got a lot of attention, with photos and tweets from the film's cast generating over 9,300 retweets, while the movie's official Twitter account was one of the most mentioned during Comic-Con.

Overall, combining TV shows and films, Warner Bros. shot its way to the top when it comes to studio-related discussions with a 37 percent share of conversations throughout the convention. Meanwhile, studio rival Marvel came in second with 15 percent of studio converstations, with Avengers: Age of Ultron amassing 173,782 mentions and 22,648 (13 percent) intent-to-view mentions, which puts the film at the fifth spot when it comes to being the most talked about film at Comic-Con, following Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Mad Max, The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies and Guardians of the Galaxy, according to Way to Blue.

Over on the TV side, the clear-cut winner was HBO's Game of Thrones when it came to TV discussions. Following a cast panel where nine of the new castmembers were revealed, it generated 201,681 mentions and 25,554 (13 percent) intent-to-view mentions.

As for Comic-Con itself, using either #ComicCon or #SDCC in some form, generated 1.7 million mentions on its own from July 23-27.

Anyone surprised that Batman v Superman topped the list or does this metric not count when it comes to a franchise's success? For more Comic-Con reading, make sure read up The Escapist's Comic-Con hub page for all our coverage.

Source: Variety


I guess all the people saying "wonder woman looks like shit" really adds up. lol. Seriously though, people are much more likely to talk about BvS than say GotG because one is not released for 2 years and the other is out in the cinema soon. Mad Max had a proper trailer and we all know what to expect from the new Hobbit movie.

If your going to judge the success of a movie by how much people talk then that wont matter. Most of the chatter is negative for BvS - and negativity doesnt equal success. I watched that teaser and i dont know, its a whole new Superman, doesnt seem the same as in MoS. Why would he have glowing angry eyes just because of Batman? He fought 3 people while they tried to destroyed the world and he didnt get glowing angry eyes.

As for the new Batman, well his new so the BvS movie will dictate what kind of Batman he is and they will have to keep that look, actions etc for the Batman solo movie.

I know me, like many people, sound like they are bashing the movie. But i would love an awesome BvS movie. But no way am i getting my hopes up until i see a trailer and more info on what the plot is. As i would like to think their fight will just be a miss communication and Wonder Woman will split them. That teaser i think is when they meet up to deal with the enemy.

Wow! I had no idea the Escapist WAS Variety! (The link at the bottom goes to the Escapist front page)

Not really surprising Batman V Superman was more talked about - There's not that much to be said about the next Avengers movie since everybody pretty much knows what to expect, and there wasn't really any other major news to come out of Comiccon that could have upstaged BvS.

Maybe if Marvel had actually announced a Captain Marvel film that would've taken the top spot.

So you are telling me that a movie that will make or break this movie franchise for a while, and that is throwing everything into movie, was talked about more than a movie that's been known coming out for a while, with the characters in the movie having their own movies? Color me surprised.

Also agree that just because there was more buzz about it, doesn't mean anything good, especially since it still has a number of years till it comes out, which depending on how people perceive it during that time can make or brake the movie.

This is like saying the XBox 1 was talked about more on release than the PS4. "It is a fallacy to believe that all publicity is good publicity," said Jim Sterling recently.

Marvel was quiet because a) there were no big reveals (Dr. Strange, Black Panther rumours), and b) Marvel has done it all so many times now that fans *trust* them to deliver good movies.

That's probably the most interesting part of this whole thing for me - the juxtaposition between Marvel barely making a false step (not even with their talking raccoon space opera), against DC critically fumbling continually when they have full access to all their heavy hitters. When will Marvel fail, and when will DC succeed?

More like Batman vs. Superman: Yawn of Justice

Wake me up when WB/DC gets its cranium out of its posterior and has faith in its subject material. To paraphrase a tweet I saw, "Wonder Woman is just too complicated for an audience to handle" is the opinion of DC/WB and yet Marvel makes a movie set in space with green people, blue people, a walking tree and talking raccoon and hits it out of the park. Yeah, way to play it safe DC. I honestly think the failure of the Green Lantern movie made them too scared to really try anything risky again. They've already said any Justice movie won't have the Martian Manhunter or Aquaman in it and after that I lost interest. If Marvel can do it with C-List superheros (Not to mention their plans with S.H.I.E.L.D and the Netflix "Defenders" series) there's no reason why DC shouldn't have faith in their IP.

Twitter? That's a really stupid way of gauging 'success', as other people pointed out.

I mean I don't want to hate on DC fans, the only time I was actually ever into comics was the early 90's and then it was all about the mutants, so I can really only comment on the movies. But with Marvel vs DC in movies it really feels similar to the old Nintendo vs Sega conflict. Yeah you had plenty of loyal & vocal Sega fans, I played both but leaned a little towards Sega myself, but it was pretty obvious at the time and in hindsight that Nintendo was better.

I'm going to consider this false as all the real excitement about Comic-Con came from a Deadpool clip that was taken down.

How are they measuring this "emotional" response? Do they just scan all tweets featuring an official hashtag and search for emotional words? Cause surely in that context "hardly amazing" would read the same as "amazing". And surely anybody being negative about something is less likely to use an official hashtag? Cause why would you go to the effort to learn it if you were filled with ennui?

Can I ask why has The Escapist made a sport of mocking the next Superman movie?


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