Dead Island Movie Isn't Dead, After All

Dead Island Movie Isn't Dead, After All


"A movie about zombies? I dunno... hasn't really been tried in last few hours or so..."

The proposed Dead Island movie was supposed to have been canceled as a casualty of executive shake-ups at Lionsgate studios, but having regained control of the rights publisher Deep Silver has formed a new partnership with indie studio Occupant Entertainment to finance a new feature-film adaptation of the popular zombie game.

Best known outside the gaming world for a moody time-reverse teaser that went viral prior to the game's release, Dead Island was an action/horror title wherein players had to survive a zombie outbreak in the nominally-original setting of a tropical resort paradise. A sequel, set in Venice Beach, was announced at this year's E3 - no word on which of the games (or which elements from either) are to be adapted into the film.

Occupant Entertainment is a relatively new player on the scene, best know for distributing festival hits like The Wackness and All The Boys Love Mandy Lane.

Source: Deadline


Not sure why they would bother really. Outside of the title there is little to separate this potential film from many other Zed flicks. Maybe if they go with the whole the immune turn into dangerous berserker monsters thing from Riptide it could stand out.

I wonder if you'll have to watch this movie in multiplayer mode because it'll punish you severely if you try to watch it solo - much like the stupid game on which the movie is based.

-zombie moan-


Wouldn't ANY zombie movie qualify as a Dead Island adaptation?

Awesome! Another zombie.. movie..

Well. At least it's not another reboot.

Johnny Novgorod:
Wouldn't ANY zombie movie qualify as a Dead Island adaptation?

But... but... but...... Dead Island is a zombie movie set on a jungle island! Surely that's never been done before.

The movie will have 5 minutes of beautiful jungle scenes with lots of hot girls in bikinis. After that, the movie will abruptly shift to a sewer filled with rats and hobos and stay there for the rest of the film.

I actually love how this series is expanding and how mad people get at it.

what I think would be funny/interesting is if they took that trailer (that had little do with the actual game) and used that as the movie
this one incase you forgot about it

personally I would rather have a left4dead movie because at least the char.s from that are likable


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